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I Got In!
Posted Wednesday, May 11, at 3:59 PM
Oh my goodness! I finally got back into my blog page! Sorry folks, but as Jason Cannon knows, apparently I can't type my password correctly to log-in. I've been trying for about three months now to remember my "correct" log-in and I thought I had tried every conceivable order of the letters assigned to me. Alas it was only a keystroke off all the while...

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My Favorite Teacher
Posted Wednesday, June 10, at 12:36 AM

Rats!!!! I had it half written and didn't save it!!!!!! ARrrrrggggg! Got to go to bed now. I'll start over tomorrow. Check back, it's a great story. K

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Animal Attraction
Posted Wednesday, March 11, at 2:08 PM

I don't know about you but I am so sick of this cold weather! Normally, I'm not the type person who gets all crazy during the dreary months of winter, but this year seems to be dragging on forever. I have to admit I couldn't wait to get home last week and walk around the neighborhood in the sunshine for a change...

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Where I Draw the Line! Part 1
Posted Wednesday, January 28, at 11:45 PM

Have you heard all the ads on the radio lately about giving blood? I don't know about you, but unfortunately the two times in my life that I've done it both turned into fiascos. The first one was when I got married, back in the Stone Age. In those days you had to have a blood test to get a marriage license. ...

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Where I Draw the Line! Part 2
Posted Wednesday, January 28, at 11:44 PM

I get up on the bed and the nurse tells me to make a fist. She starts poking at my veins and groaning, obviously a bad sign. I'm breathing pretty deeply now, trying to stay calm and not look like such a chicken. After a while she seems ready to start so she sticks the needle in my arm. ...

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Stop Me Before I Volunteer Again!
Posted Monday, December 15, at 11:39 PM

Are you like me and have a problem saying "NO" when someone asks you for some help with a project? I've always been the type who wanted to be involved in everything. At any given time I can juggle a couple of clubs and two or three board of directors positions. I actually just agreed to serve on another board last week, luckily they meet quarterly...

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New Beginnings
Posted Thursday, November 6, at 1:16 AM

The big day started pretty routinely, wake up, get ready for work, running late as usual. My husband Sandy and I had talked that morning about our schedules and when we would meet up to go to the hospital. The big event probably wouldn't happen until later in the day or so we had planned. ...

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