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Where I Draw the Line! Part 2

Posted Wednesday, January 28, 2009, at 11:44 PM

I get up on the bed and the nurse tells me to make a fist. She starts poking at my veins and groaning, obviously a bad sign. I'm breathing pretty deeply now, trying to stay calm and not look like such a chicken. After a while she seems ready to start so she sticks the needle in my arm. Nothing happens; no blood fills the tube, nothing! Then to my surprise, she backs the needle up a bit, but not completely out of my skin, and points it a different direction and jabs again. Yep, you guessed it; this is where I'm getting really nervous. After a bit more of her poking and me nearly jumping off the table, My Nurse calls another one over. They both make those "hmmmmmm" noises and the second one offers to start over on me. Right now, I'm thinking this is my way out. So I ask to just give it up and come back next time but NO, Nurse Number 2 is positive she can stick me and get blood. She gets her shot at my arm and thank goodness she hits the vein. Suddenly a gush of red liquid shoots through the tube flowing downward underneath my bed. I finally exhale, since I had been holding my breath for who knows how long and try to get comfortable while waiting for my little bag to fill up.

Everything is going along fine; I'm feeling pretty confident, looking around the room to see if I recognize any other donors. My bed is in a semi-upright position and my legs are out straight like everyone else in the horseshoe arena. I'm about half way through the procedure the nurse tells me as she is checking on my blood flow. She leaves me alone to release some of the other donors and all of a sudden from out of the blue; it was like I had a hot flash come over me. I was steaming hot and my head was swimming. I tried to call out to the nurse and nothing came out of my mouth. It was like everything was in slow motion. In my head I was yelling, "HEY, Help Me!" but what was coming out was barely a whisper. So I started raising my hands and waiving them as best I could and finally one of the other donors saw me and told the nurse. I was on the verge of passing out cold. The tunnel vision had set in and the sounds in my head were like the school teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoons, just loud undistinguishable noises.

Then it really got crazy. She rushes over to me, yelling for Nurse Number 2 to get back over there. She drops my head down flat and raises my legs almost straight up in the air, all in one fell swoop. My only thought was thank goodness I didn't wear a dress that day. As they were patting on my face and talking to me, it was as if I was floating away somewhere, into a really peaceful place where I was totally relaxed for the first time since I walked into the building.

"KIM, Kim, is that you? Are you Ok, KIM? Wake UP!" I hear this somewhat familiar voice yelling at me. I'm struggling to wake up, out of the fog I'm in, and trying to determine who is yelling at me.

Now I admit that I'm not perfect, none of us are, but I try to be nice and fair to everyone. But let's face it, honestly, we all have that one person who is our arch enemy, our nemesis! The only person who dislikes us for no other reason than jealousy. These are also the people who are always around if you do something stupid, just waiting to go broadcast it. I'm really surprised this Jane Doe person was showing any concern for me at all. Of course, by this time the whole room was aware of what was happening to me and I've been told it was quite the spectacle. Back to the story!

In my mind it seems like I have been "out of it" for twenty to thirty minutes but I'm sure it was probably only one or two. I keep hearing that annoying voice of "Jane Doe's" and I'm really aggravated I have to leave my peaceful rest to go see what she wants. I open my eyes to an ocean of faces peering down at me. Since I wasn't sure where I was, I decided to go back to the bright, peaceful place I had just left. As I was turning my head, I heard that voice again and as my eyes open I see "Jane Doe" pushing people out of the way to get to me, acting as if she were my best friend there to rescue me. My only thought, I swear was, "I have DIED and gone to HELL." That was all it took, I passed out again!

After my terrible ordeal the nurse finally stopped the blood flow, unhooked me, gave me a cookie and orange juice and let me go home. Needless to say, I have never given blood again.

Just know this - I'll do anything for a friend, I'll share with you anything I have, but I have to draw the line at giving blood!

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