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Animal Attraction

Posted Wednesday, March 11, 2009, at 2:08 PM

I don't know about you but I am so sick of this cold weather! Normally, I'm not the type person who gets all crazy during the dreary months of winter, but this year seems to be dragging on forever. I have to admit I couldn't wait to get home last week and walk around the neighborhood in the sunshine for a change.

I've never really been a huge animal lover either. Dogs, cats, horses, goats, pigs, cows, they're all ok, interesting to see and interact with but I don't want to own one, thank you. As I was walking that afternoon last week though, my mind raced back to the late summer days of last year and my adventures with animals in the neighborhood.

My house was one of the first ones built in my little subdivision. Before the construction started I had wide open fields all around my house. It faces a fairly busy thoroughfare, but for several years both the sides and back lots were still wide open farm fields. In fact, I used to go out and hit golf balls in my backyard for practice. If I did that today there would surely be many broken windows and unhappy neighbors because my swing still has a slice to it.

The animals who used to roam this land apparently haven't all gotten the message yet either, that they have to share their environment with us humans. Late last summer, I was outside one Sunday night just before dusk, picking up towels left around my newly installed swimming pool. As I raised up with a arm load of towels some movement caught my eye. I was stunned to see a huge animal standing there about 20 feet from me! I froze! It was grazing on the grass in the lot next door to me and wasn't concerned by my presence at all. My first thought was "Oh no, I don't have a fence up yet, please don't come near my pool!" The second thought was "What if it starts charging me? Should I go in the pool, and where is everybody?" I slowly sat down in a chair nearby and just watched as the graceful animal continued moving around the field eating. It did move a bit closer to me and every now and then would stop and gaze back at me. It was the most beautiful animal I had ever seen. It was calm and just looking around taking in the surroundings.

All of a sudden the roar of an approaching car caught the animals attention and it bolted toward the road. I started praying, "Please God, don't let it get killed right here in front of me. You let me watch it for so long, please don't let it get hit." It stopped right at the edge of the busy road and waited for the car to pass, like it instinctively knew the danger ahead. By now I was standing, clutching my towels, watching as the graceful animal turned back once more and looked at me for a few seconds as if saying goodbye and thanks. Then she turned back and I all I heard was the clip clop, clip clop sounds of her hoofs hitting the asphalt as the beautiful deer sauntered across the road and into the woods across the way. It turned fall and winter shortly thereafter and I watched for my friend everyday but haven't seen her yet again. Perhaps this spring she'll return.

A couple of weeks later I was walking that same busy road to the entrance of the subdivison and passed the construction of a new house nearby. As I came upon an opening to a culvert I noticed some little black cats playing at the edge of the new driveway. Once again it was almost dark and I thought I would check to see where the mother was hiding nearby. As I got closer, I bent over and realized these weren't like any kittens I had seen before, they had some unusual markings. A couple were solid white, except for some black underneath but the others were black with a very distinctive white stripe down the middle of it's back. They were baby skunks! Needless to say I froze in my tracks hoping they wouldn't get excited and spray me. Luckily they were more interested in playing skunk games and ran away from me, rolling and tumbling in the midst of the construction mess. That could have been a close encounter of the stinky kind.

Last week as I was making the circle in the subdivision a hound dog with the longest legs I've ever seen came bouncing up next to me. He reminded me of "Duke", the dog on the Beverly Hillbillies show. He sort of bumped me a couple of times to get me to pet him and then fell into pace beside me. As we went on our way another small dog came running out of it's yard, barking like crazy and growling at me. I have to say I was a bit concerned and sort of froze for a few seconds. To my rescue came the hound dog, putting himself between me and the other dog while nudging it back towards it's own yard. It was like he was saying, "leave her alone." The smaller dog tried to get around him a couple of times since I was walking much quicker now, but the hound wouldn't let him near me. As I turned the corner to the next street I felt that familiar bump again, the hound dog had caught up with me and we continued on. When I got close to the entrance of the subdivision and my road, he stopped and turned back towards his home. What can I say, it must be that "Animal Attraction" I have!

P.S. Don't anybody tell my friend Sarah R. where I live, she'll bring a deer stand and camp out in my front yard to kill the deer! :)

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haha ms kim as i was reading it thats all i could think about was killin that deer :-)

-- Posted by sare on Sun, Mar 15, 2009, at 4:09 AM

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