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Let's Put America Back To Work!

Posted Friday, September 2, 2011, at 12:43 PM

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics today reported for the first time in almost a year, the U.S. economy failed to add jobs. While President Obama spent his month golfing and vacationing on Martha's Vineyard, millions of Americans continued to struggle looking for work. This is unacceptable. Next week, the President will address the Joint Session of Congress and discuss the country's jobs crisis. While it is encouraging to hear that President Obama is finally willing to turn his focus on job creation, there are certain things he must address if he really wants to get serious about putting Americans back to work.

If we are serious about moving our country in the right direction, President Obama must first accept that growing our government and continuing Washington spending are not the answer. Since the President took office, he has recklessly attempted to spend his way out of economic crisis, leaving our country further in debt and with continuously high unemployment numbers. His trillion dollar stimulus failed to spur job creation and the government takeover of health care did nothing to encourage investment and growth for small businesses. The key to creating jobs is to get government out of the way and foster innovation and investment for small businesses, without raising taxes on hard working Americans.

The House of Representatives has passed several bills intended to reduce and eliminate some of the burdensome regulations put on small businesses, in order to encourage investment and growth. These bills -- which can be viewed here -- could immediately spur job creation, but unfortunately have been stalled in the liberal-controlled Senate. During President Obama's speech next week, I encourage him to call on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to take up these bills immediately so the President may sign them into law.

Our country has the tools to create jobs and rebuild better than before, but we must take action now. America cannot afford for President Obama and Senator Reid to continue stalling important jobs bills for the sake of partisan politics. I know that our economy and our country can be great once again, but we must be willing to put politics aside and work for the common good. As President Obama addresses Congress next week, I hope to finally hear that he is willing to do the same.


Stephen Fincher

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You know, Everyone is wanting to blame Obama but what about all the other people that have had a hand in it before him. The president is not the only one, you have congress, you have the government. You people are wanting to live big, drive fancy cars and ect... Then you have Stephen Fincher, Obama has spent his month golfing and vacationing, what have you done while being a Congressman. Are you going to say you haven't went golfing, hiking and ect... since becoming a Congressman. It seems like all of every body in the White House needs a reality check. Listen to the American people for a change. Oh! that's right if you listened to the American people you would be too much like Poor and Middle Class people.

-- Posted by Goodman's Handyman Service on Sat, Sep 3, 2011, at 2:08 PM

While the freshman congressman from Frog Jump decries "continued Washington spending," in a letter to the Dyersburg State Gazette dated September 2, 201, he sure doesn't mind living on the taxpayer dime, as he sleeps on a couch in his Washington office. This leaves me wondering how many employees can forgo rent and sleep at their place of employment. Fincher and his family received 3 million in farm subsidies from the federal government from 1995 to 2009. This is the same Government that Fincher criticizes for it's out of control spending. In these lean times, many Americans might find Fincher part of the problem, rather than the solution.

Further, he states that President Obama's stimulus bill failed, when in fact the stimulus stopped the bleeding of jobs that had started during the previous administration. During the Bush years over 7 million jobs were lost and during the Obama administration 671,000 jobs were lost before the stimulus and after the stimulus the economy gained 630,000 jobs. Moreover during the previous administration we were told if we gave tax breaks to millionaires they would create jobs, now all we have is a huge debt and no jobs.. The Republicans in congress continue to argue for keeping these tax breaks for the job creators, to which I ask, "Where are the jobs?"

It is very disingenuous for Fincher to castigate President Obama for taking a 10 day working vacation with his family when Fincher had the whole month of August off. It would be interesting to understand what Fincher would have the President do, with both bodies of congress out for recess.

Unquestionably, it is businesses that create jobs and the Federal Governments who safeguards the citizens from harm. It is not the job of the President to create jobs; however he could put in place policy that would fix some of the crumbling infrastructure which would create many good paying jobs. The idea of doing away with regulations to spur job growth is not the answer, as 66 percent of Americans want the EPA and not Congress to set pollution standards, we have a duty to protect our country for our children and grandchildren.

In conclusion, perhaps we should all give Congress Mitch McConnell a call, as it was he who said that his goal was to make President Obama a one term President. I guess this means even if the American people have to suffer.

-- Posted by Small Business Owner on Wed, Sep 7, 2011, at 9:26 AM

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