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Are you smarter than a car wash?

Posted Thursday, September 29, 2011, at 4:09 PM

I thought I was. Apparently, the new car washes are completely different than the old ones. Drive in, pull up to the tire stop. Stop, hear the loud beep and let the washing begin. At least that is how it worked when I was a kid. Not anymore. Slowly drive through the first phase of the car wash as your wheels are being blasted, then pull up to the tire stop and hope your front tire stops there. Make SURE your front tire stops there. Wait for the sign to say "Back up" and then back up until your front tire is comfortably placed in the tire stop. If, by chance, you leave your back tire in the front tire stop, your car will be beat to death by the rotating rubber squeagies. Literally, the car will be crunched and you will have a minimum repair bill of $600. And, don't even think about blaming the car wash. It's your fault and they have the video to prove it. Just ask them. They will gladly show you the video in which you acted so stupidly. So, the next time you enter the car wash....know this. Step 1. Drive slowly as your wheels are being blasted. Step 2. Drive slowly until your FRONT tire is comfortably placed in the tire stop. Make SURE the sign does NOT say back up. Stay there until the car is washed and rinsed. Once everything stops blowing and flashing, you may begin your exit. As you exit from the car wash, a blow dryer will then dry your car. Car washes can be dangerous to your vehicle if you do not use caution and pay attention to what you are doing.

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