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Wednesday, June 29, 2016
The CEO challenge
Posted Friday, June 10, at 11:24 PM
We have all heard the sentiment that successful CEOs must spend sufficient time focused "on the business," not just operating "in the business." As CEOs, we often get so far into the weeds of operating our respective businesses that we rarely take a concerted step back to think strategically about the direction of our companies. ...

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Characteristics of sales winners
Posted Saturday, May 28, at 12:03 AM

Do you struggle to pinpoint exactly what makes your top sales performers excel? While common, this challenge can make it impossible to consistently recruit high performers. It also makes it difficult to translate those qualities into training for other salespeople on your team that would allow your organization to more quickly scale. ...

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A lesson from Oprah
Posted Friday, May 20, at 11:52 PM

The service industry just isn't what it used to be. Mediocre is the norm and attention to detail seems all but lost in this fast-paced world. That's why companies that actually deliver on what they say they will, when they say they will, stand a breed apart...

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Rise of the subscription economy
Posted Saturday, May 14, at 12:01 AM

Today, you can buy about anything on subscription, including dog toys from BarkBox, razors from Dollar Shave Club, streaming video content from Netflix, music from Spotify, beauty samples from Birchbox, ready-to-make meals from Blue Apron and even rental cars from Zipcars...

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Trust creates undeniable sales advantage
Posted Friday, May 6, at 12:43 AM

I find myself inspired today by a book, recommended by a colleague, called "The Speed of Trust" by Stephen M. R. Covey. You are probably familiar with Covey's father, who wrote The "7 Habits of Highly Effective People." The "Speed of Trust" dissects what is truly at the heart of great leadership. Trusted leaders accomplish more at a faster rate and at a lower cost. In other words, as trust goes up, speed goes up and costs go down...

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Data-driven marketing decisions spark growth
Posted Friday, April 29, at 11:34 PM

Correctly analyzed, data can be a catalyst for predictable, incremental growth and transformative change in your organization. However, we all know there's more to creating measurable outcomes through data analysis than just crunching the numbers. For example, it's no surprise that the lawn-care industry is seasonal, kicking into high gear in the spring and summer. ...

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The truth CEOs must help employees realize
Posted Saturday, April 23, at 12:04 AM

A "company-wide sales culture." Every CEO and business owner dreams of it, but few realize it. It is where everyone in the organization plays some role in supporting sales and growth efforts, though roles will vary. The most commonly cited reason for its absence is that most of an organization's employees aren't sales professionals and therefore don't have selling skills. That may be true, but it is not a valid deterrent...

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Is distraction crushing your growth potential?
Posted Friday, March 25, at 10:44 PM

Business owners, marketing professionals and sales professionals -- those that carry perhaps the greatest responsibility for driving company growth -- are collectively facing a potentially catastrophic time epidemic. We are experiencing a perfect storm of more social media channels than ever before, an unprecedented level of marketing analytics at our disposal, more fragmented advertising outlets, and rising consumer expectations around segmentation and personalization. It can be overwhelming...

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Be a rock star! Be a resource
Posted Friday, March 18, at 10:28 PM

Being a business professional is much like being a rock star. If you make great music, your audience is going to like you. However, if you give them much more than just the music -- such as an engaging performance -- chances are, they are going to love you. How does this apply in the business world?...

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Stop settling for ordinary
Posted Friday, March 11, at 11:45 PM

We live in a world of stiff competition with so much noise competing for consumer attention, that it can be painfully difficult for brands to get noticed and stand apart from their competition. That's why the lion's share of brands simply settle for being ordinary. It's just easier. As football coaching legend Lou Holtz said, "In this world you're either growing or you're dying, so get in motion and grow."...

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How public relations can increase visibility and help your small business grow
Posted Friday, March 4, at 11:33 PM

Public relations is a great way for a small business to raise awareness. But when business owners put together marketing plans, they usually think advertising, not public relations. Why? We see advertising everywhere we look. It's top of mind. Not a lot of thought goes into the fact that PR drives many of the articles you read or stories you see on the evening news...

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Creating a flexible sales pitch
Posted Saturday, February 27, at 1:18 AM

If you don't bend, you'll break. We've all heard that saying before, but it's increasingly true for sales teams. 21st century prospects can research services, compare brands, and read reviews online before they ever reach out to you directly--and they almost always do their homework. By the time you're fielding a phone call, your prospect is almost always ready to make a quick purchasing decision. Your prospect knows what they want, and they believe you can deliver the goods...

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Three phases of effective brainstorming
Posted Friday, February 19, at 11:04 PM

I've always cringed when I get a calendar request with "Brainstorm" in the subject line. Immediately, I picture an unfocused free-for-all -- after which, nothing happens. But it's a marketer's mainstay, and there's a right way to do it. Brainstorming sessions too often fail for one simple reason -- poor planning. ...

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Super Bowl ad winners and losers
Posted Wednesday, February 10, at 1:09 AM

The Super Bowl is the biggest advertising competition of the year. Brands that win big can reap the viral benefits for months to come. And those that fail do so publicly, oftentimes with mounting consumer criticism that can take just as long to overcome...

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Super Bowl advertising huge gamble
Posted Saturday, January 30, at 12:15 AM

History has already been made at this year's Super Bowl of advertising -- thanks to a record price tag of $5 million for a 30-second spot. It's a hefty spike from the $4.5 million advertisers ponied up last year, but it didn't slow CBS from nearly selling all of its big-game ad time by last November...

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The death of 'digital' marketing
Posted Friday, January 22, at 1:53 PM

Of all the trends impacting marketing planning in 2016, many marketers believe the most crucial of all is the seamless integration of digital and traditional strategies. Despite having the knowledge of how vital this integration is to a well-executed marketing plan, only 17 percent of companies report having fully integrated the two disciplines according to Smart Insights last year. This gap is on the minds of marketers globally...

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Navigating the wildly complex purchase process
Posted Saturday, January 16, at 12:56 AM

Over the last couple of decades, consumers have flipped the buying process on its ear. Long gone are the days when your sales team was the sole source of research for prospective customers prior to making a purchase. When it comes to high-involvement or high-impact purchases, 82 percent of consumers research that potential purchase online compared to just four percent that research offline only. And more than 30 percent use multiple devices -- such as a laptop and tablet, or laptop and phone...

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Mobile is everything
Posted Friday, January 8, at 11:36 PM

In 2016, mobile doesn't just matter; it's everything. In 2015, 62 percent of all digital time -- that's total Internet traffic -- was spent on mobile devices, up from 50 percent in 2014. And that number is expected to continue growing rapidly in 2016...

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Meteoric rise of digital leaves TV in dust
Posted Thursday, December 31, at 1:13 PM

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that digital media ad revenue (including social, video and search) will surpass television ad spending in 2016 -- a full year earlier than projected. Other sources cite this passing of the torch to occur in 2017. Regardless, it's coming -- and soon...

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Video to dominate in 2016
Posted Thursday, December 24, at 1:08 PM

A shocking 80 percent of the world's Internet traffic will be video by 2019. Think about the sheer magnitude of that for a moment. This has been a true landmark year for video with 2015 being the first year where U.S. adults spent more time digesting video content than they spent on social networks, according to eMarketer. ...

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