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Is it traffic or is it the heat? Or maybe both?

Posted Wednesday, August 29, 2007, at 4:46 PM

It may just be the heat .. . .or maybe not.

It may just be the period I am at in my life .... or maybe not

It may just be the type of profession I am in ....or maybe not.

Whatever it is, it just seems that the traffic and the traffic lights are just sometimes slowing to a crawl.

Take one day last week... as I headed across our fine city to eat lunch... 1 caught the light red at Church and West Court Street .. . .finally it turned green... only to allow me to catch the light red at Court and Mill Avenue .... which in turn allowed me to also catch a red light at East Court and Main and yes .... another red light at Sampson and East Court ... .1 thought to myself that my lunch hour would be over before I got to my eating destination.

Later that day as I was delivering ad proofs, I caught a red light at the highway 5 ibypass and Indian Trace followed by another at the bypass and Flowering Dogwood and finally a red light at Upper Finley and the bypass... 1 guess we need all these lights... 1 guess-- and I assume they are all calculated to make sure the traffic flow does not bottle neck...

I just think that there is more traffic on our local roads than ever before... 1 think everyone is talking on a cell phone and I think our traffic lights are not going to let anyone get too far ahead of the pack...

Is all of this a step for progress??

I can remember vacations from years gone by when you would venture out on highway 98 in Panama City, Florida to go eat at one of Florida's favorite or best restaurants .. . .Five miles might take an hour ... you could see the sign of your eatery of choice in the distance... you just couldn't get there...

We certainly haven't gotten to that point yet and probably never will...

As I said, maybe it is just the heat of the summer ....

Am I alone here?? or do you find yourself thinking the same thing as you try to

negotiate in and around our city??

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