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Be thankful

Posted Wednesday, November 14, 2007, at 11:20 AM


We are at the holiday season..Thanksgiving…Christmas ….New Year's…time to celebrate…time to rejoice…time to reflect…time to share…time to be thankful…this is going to be a rather somber holiday season for those of us left in our family..

My mother passed away in late September…she believed in holidays…and she believed in families being together on those special occasions….she will be deeply missed as we go through the holidays….it won't be the same without Thanksgiving dinner at her house or spending Christmas eve and Christmas Day with her…
My mother lived a good long life and certainly we were happy to have her as long as we did…she dealt with many aches and pains in her later years..but she continued to fight the battle of life…her mind remained very sharp right to the end…in fact, several months ago, she told me she thought her mind was sharper than mine, even at her age..she probably was right….
Why am I writing this ? why am I sharing one of life's saddest moments ? Because the holidays are here and I urge you to take the time to go see or certainly make contact with your parents…you may not always agree with them, but they love you unconditionally…if for any reason you have become estranged with them..bury that hatchet now…pick up your phone and call them…
My father passed away over 6 years ago…his passing brought me closer to my mother…not many Saturday or Sundays passed without my having lunch with her…I could see over the last couple of years that her health was getting worse…I knew that day was coming…I just didn't know when and certainly I was not ready for it…my mother's biggest fear was that in the middle of a night, she would have an attack…that is exactly what happened..her worse fears became a reality….
Right after she passed away, I can remember more than one person telling me that I had lost my best friend…my mother and I talked about a lot of things..and she never hesitated to give me some advice…
During the last couple of years, when I knew she was not feeling well, I would always leave her house by saying call me if you need me….

If you have lost a parent, you know where I am coming from..if you are lucky and still have one or both parents alive and well, then I say to you..enjoy every minute..don't get so busy that you forget or ignore or even take your parents for granted….

Life is a precious gift that we have….enjoy it….

Enjoy this holiday season and tell your parents thanks for everything they have done for you…

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I lost my mother in 1988, and my father in 1995.............. I know EXACTLY where you're coming from........ it's easier to accept as time goes by......... time heals all wounds............

-- Posted by Johnny Yuma on Fri, Nov 16, 2007, at 9:22 PM

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