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Tips For A Great Year!

Posted Wednesday, August 24, 2011, at 10:41 AM

The beginning of the school year always brings changes for students, parents, teachers, and staff. These are great tips to begin a school year for each household.

Tips for a good start to the school year:

*Attendance -- Learning builds from day to day. What is learned one day will be used in the days to come. A child who misses a day of school will miss the information provided. Many times teachers tell extra information, which is needed but not always found in the textbook.
*Homework -- Children have some homework every day. Teach your child to complete the work and to be prepared for the next day. Organization is important for children to learn. The use of a planner, binder, folders, etc. helps to keep things in their place.
*Bedtime -- Getting enough sleep is important for good mental and physical health. Set a reasonable bedtime and adjust if necessary.
*Reinforce learning outside of the classroom -- Have child retell what has taken place in class. Have the child use what they have learned.
*Set behavior boundaries -- The atmosphere at home sets the tone for the child at school.
*Show respect to others -- Frustration may develop but showing respect from all sides is an important life lesson.
*Parents are extremely important in a child's life, no matter what age.
*Volunteer at your child's school -- Check with your child's teacher or the school's administrator to find out different ways that parents can help. There are numerous ways that parents can volunteer att the schools.
*Get to know your child's teachers. Contact the teachers early in the year to set up a means of communication. Teachers can use email, cell phone numbers, etc. Attend conferences and school events to get to know the teachers and staff.

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