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Dyersburg City Schools

Posted Tuesday, September 6, 2011, at 2:43 PM

The mission of Dyersburg City Schools is to provide a safe, positive environment where all children can reach their full potential. The school system continuously strives for excellence, which is evident when one looks at the programs, policies, and achievements of the students and teachers.

It is every student's right to feel safe in today's world. Federal research headed by the FBI Center of Disease Control found that statistically, school is the safest place for children to be present. But everyone hears about the violence and what is wrong with public schools. The reason for this misconception is due to the fact that students can instantly send messages, videos, and pictures concerning an incident at the exact moment it happens. School violence is on the decline, and that is important because schools must be able to create a safe haven where students can relax and focus on learning.

Students attending schools in the Dyersburg City School System are extraordinaire. The ACT, a test given to all students at the high school level, is used to assess their general educational development and ability to complete college-level work with a perfect score of 36. Twenty-two students from Dyersburg High School received a score of 30 or higher. One student at Dyersburg High scored a 35, which is extremely impressive. Dyersburg Middle School students must qualify to take the Duke University Talent Identification Program (ACT) as seventh graders by scoring in the 90th percentile or higher in 1 or more of the TCAP subtest. 16 DMS students qualified for state recognition and 1 qualified for Grand recognition in the 2010-2011 school year. This year, 45 students have qualified to take the Duke (ACT) test. Students, who apply themselves, and teachers, who are knowledgeable of their subject matter, make these success stories possible. In addition to these outstanding scores: DIS math value added scores ranked 4th of 1032 Intermediate schools in Tennessee, 7th grade math students received the second highest value added scores in the state, students ranked in the top 10 of the state in the best in West Tennessee of US History end of course test. Dyersburg offers seven Advanced Placement courses, which offers 36 college hours to the students. Yes, education is thriving in the Dyersburg City School System.

The era of book, paper, and worksheets as learning tools is past. Today's students use Internet, laptops, shuffles, iPads, iPods, and smart phones for their daily learning. In today's world, the students' education begins with collecting facts concerning a topic and using those facts to analyze, synthesize and create. Technology is a must in this ever-changing world and Dyersburg City Schools continues to stay on the cutting edge by placing technological learning tools in the classroom. Shuffles are stationed in every pre-kindergarten class for students to take home and listen to books being read. There are iPods stations in every kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade class. Each student in grades 3 and 4 has an iPod to use and iPads are available for use by every two students in the 5th grade. The middle school and high school students have access to laptops and iPads for research and use in their studies. The students are utilizing technology so they will become competitive citizens in today's world.

Athletics are one facet of the school system that continues throughout the year. Students at DHS may get involved in football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, softball, golf, soccer, cross country, track, bowling, and tennis. DMS athletics include football, basketball, volleyball, golf, soccer, cross-country, track and tennis. DIS has intramural sports for enrichment of their students. Four athletic teams at the high school level advanced to the state-level playoffs in 2010-2011. DHS girls' track team was the State Runner Up in 2011 and regional champions for the past six years. Girl's Volleyball team was the district's champions for the past three years and played at the state tournament for the past two years. The boys' soccer team played at the state playoffs and finished the season with an impressive record of 19 -- 2.

Dyersburg City Schools is proud of their students and staff at each building. Striving for excellence is one of our goals but the most important goal is to improve the lives of our students.

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the Lady Trojan Soccer team is also on that list of teams that have been to the state tournement. we really wish the state gazette would cover our girls too. we see pictures and story's of other teams in the sports section but never any one from the gazette to show how wonderful our girls are doing. they would really appreciate some support too.

-- Posted by soccermom2 on Wed, Sep 21, 2011, at 12:30 AM

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Dyersburg City Schools
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