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A New Element Added to the Periodic Table
Posted Monday, October 6, at 11:47 AM
A friend emailed me the following and I am posting it here. I personally cannot vouch for the validity of the subatomic observations, but, it does seem plausible. "Research has led to the discovery of the heaviest element yet known to science. The new element, Governmentium (Gv), has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons, and 198 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312...

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The Sky is falling
Posted Saturday, September 13, at 9:50 AM

Because of the popularity of late night radio, a lawsuit filed in Hawaii, and some rather prolific blogging, cutting edge physics has again made the headlines: CNN September 12, 2008 A hopeful crush on the LHC Posted: 12:15 PM ET "It's not every week we power up a machine and wonder about the speculations, however unwarranted, that a black hole will swallow the planet. ...

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Posted Thursday, August 21, at 2:58 PM

Well now they've gone and done it. Those 2 (3?) clowns that confessed to freezing a costume of Sasquatch while claiming they'd found it in Georgia, have sealed the deal: No one will ever believe in mythical creatures again! Even if I were to call CNN or FOX news about the live Yeti, from the Himalayas, that I have living in my basement, the media would just ignore it. What were they thinking?...

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Posted Thursday, July 10, at 11:46 AM

I just reviewed the trailer of the new Ben Stein movie "Expelled" and I can't wait to see it. Unfortunately its not yet showing here, but you can catch it in Union City. From all the commotion it's causing on the media talk shows it must be a hoot. From the reviews it appears the movie is a documentary on Intelligent Design vs. ...

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Schmidt Sting Pain Index: OUCH !
Posted Tuesday, July 1, at 11:40 AM

While investigating a friend's outbreak of flying ants at his home and assuring him that they were not termites, I ran across this interesting bit of insect trivia: The Schmidt Sting Pain Index. It seems that Justin O. Schmidt, an entomologist at the Carl Hayden Bee Research Center, developed it a few years back in an attempt to rate insect stings, the same way we have a scale to rate tornadoes (Fugita scale), hurricanes (Safford-Simpson scale), earthquakes (Richter scale), hot peppers (Scoville units) and so on.. ...

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Supreme Court Gets it RIGHT 5-4
Posted Thursday, June 26, at 12:44 PM

The right to bear arms. The surprising thing is that four justices dissented. Just to make sure I didn't misunderstand their dissention, I read some of the 167 pages of the entire opinion. Their arguements were lame. Read them for yourself, and give me your opinions...

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Nigerian Emails, you gotta love 'em
Posted Saturday, June 7, at 2:32 PM

The scary part about those emails from Niger is that they must be working, somewhere, somehow, else they wouldn't still be circulating all these years after Al Gore invented the internet. I've actually "taken the bait" or rather pretended to, in order to investigate how their schemes might work. ...

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When it Pays to buy Premium
Posted Sunday, May 18, at 5:09 PM

CNN has a story on its website today concerning 6 myths on saving money at the gas pump. As per CNN they are: #1. Fill your tank in the morning #2. Change your air filter #3. Use premium fuel #4. Pump up your tires #5. To A/C or not A/C #6. Bolt-ons and pour-ins...

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Best Paper I've ever read !
Posted Tuesday, April 15, at 5:21 PM

I have just read the best, most thorough, scientific paper my eyes have ever seen. The subject: Global Warming, The author: Kristen Byrnes. Age 15, oops sorry, she is 16 now but when she created this website for a high school science project last year, 15 she was. I heard her interview on NPR this morning, visited her website:...

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Cell Phone Ring Tone Proliferation Corrupts Song Birds
Posted Thursday, March 13, at 4:19 PM

Well, now I've heard it all! A few mornings ago I was awakened by a cell phone ringing, but it wasn't mine nor my wife's. And it was coming from just outside my bedroom window. As I lay there slowly coming to full consciousness, I realized that the phone was ringing sporadically with no regular pattern. ...

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Overpopulation and Electric Cars
Posted Thursday, February 7, at 10:10 AM

Finally I have discovered a valid reason to support electric cars, and it's not to reduce greenhouse gases. Yesterday Cooper Patterson enlightened me with his thoughts on the subject and, with his permission, it goes like this. Every parent's nightmare is having their children finally reach the age of 16, and get behind the wheel. ...

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'Green funerals' feature biodegradable coffins according to CNN
Posted Friday, January 4, at 10:30 AM

I knew it was coming, because that's the way I want to go. According to CNN many states have changed their burial laws allowing natural burials, no embalming, biodegradeable coffins, and a tree planted on top: recylcing as nature intended it. As fertilizer my decaying tissues would insure that my namesake tree (I like Tulip Poplars) grows fast and healthy. ...

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Of Cats and Men
Posted Monday, December 24, at 3:37 PM

A couple of weeks ago I addressed the theory as to how, when and why we ever domesticated the dog. Well this week, I'd like to do the same for our other furry friend, Felis silvestris catus, the domestic cat. By the way, sylvestris means "of the woods" (I always wondered how Sylvester, from Looney Tunes, got his name)...

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The Rise of Homo sapiens
Posted Thursday, December 6, at 3:11 PM

It has long been speculated that some 30,000 years ago the last of the Neanderthals died out, leaving us, Cro-Magnon humans the last of the upright Hominids. Theories explaining their extinction mention climate change and competition with present day Homo sapiens. But something else happened along that same timeline and I think this might explain it...

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What do I hear a bid to buy for?
Posted Friday, November 23, at 12:37 PM

Entomologists take heart! You are going to be rich! Just this week someone auctioned off the right to choose the scientific name (at least the specific epithet) of a new species of butterfly. That auction peaked at $40,800 and the butterly will now be called: Opsiphanes blythekitzmillerae (don't ask me how to pronounce it). The butterfly's common name will be the Minerva owl butterfly, named after the late Margery Minerva Blythe Kitzmiller of Ohio...

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Judgement Day: Intelligent Design on Trial
Posted Monday, November 19, at 8:56 AM

I watched an excellent NOVA program on PBS Tuesday night that reenacted the trial in Dover, PA a few years ago. You may remember that their local school board insisted that along with evilution, I mean evolution, that Intelligent Design also be given equal time in the science classroom. ...

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Bottled Water = Politically Incorrect
Posted Monday, October 22, at 12:20 PM

I've always theorized that if one wants to predict the future of our country in 20 years, just check out present day California. The "Left" Coast, as it is often called by those of us not as "liberalized" as our California brethern, as always been the trend setter for the rest of the U.S. ...

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The Greatest Generation
Posted Friday, October 5, at 4:29 PM

With the passing of my dear father this week, it should remind us all that those veterans of the last great war, WWII, are becoming more scarce everyday. I submit the following brief summary of his life in honor of all of America's veterans, including those serving their country at this very moment...

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When DNA is Wrong!
Posted Friday, September 28, at 1:21 PM

Just this year a story came to light on ABC concerning a woman who had finally regained custody of her 3 children and charges of welfare fraud against her were finally dismissed. I was informed by a student that she had lost her children after a DNA analysis prooved that they were not hers, and hence the fraud charges. ...

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Long snouted mystery bugs!
Posted Wednesday, September 12, at 1:03 PM

A lady brought to the college an interesting pair of beetles yesterday (see above). I agreed to attempt to identify them for her, but had no initial success. I and colleagues were pretty sure they were a member of the Weevil Family due to their long snouts. ...

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