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Go Back to Sleep

Posted Thursday, April 3, 2008, at 8:06 AM

Do you know where your President is?
After Hillary Clinton's "3:00 a.m." television ad about how we better hope it's her answering the phone when it rings at that ungodly hour with news of something important going boom somewhere, Senator Obama assured us that he'll be ready and at his desk at 3:00 a.m. as well.

Then Senator Clinton made another ad about how she'll be able to handle the economy at 3:00 a.m.

Now Senator McCain has joined in with his own ad about how HE will be right there with his hand hovering over the receiver, too.

I'm beginning to get nervous. Do we really want our country run by people who stay up all night every night? I know that when I don't get enough sleep, I make some pretty bad decisions. I get awfully grumpy, too. I shudder to think what I might do after a sleepless night if I had a nuclear arsenal at my disposal.

Plus, you know the terrorists get satellite TV, too. (I'm sure they never miss American Idol.) So don't you think that with all this telegraphing they'll know the best time to launch their next strike is about two in the afternoon when the President is really starting to fade from handling all that business between midnight and 6:00 a.m.?

I think they should just shut up about what they do in the middle of the night. In fact, I wish they'd just shut up altogether. But we all know that ain't gonna happen.

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you're going to hear a helluva lot more between now and November 4......... it's going to get really nasty when the Republican attack machine gets up a full head of steam..................

-- Posted by Johnny Yuma on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 8:43 PM

Hahahaha, And I would also be willing to guess that it ain't gonna happen, shut up altogether that is. Thanks for the laugh on such a depressing subject! Hahahaha

-- Posted by raspberrie on Thu, Apr 3, 2008, at 12:11 PM

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