Dyersburg State Gazette blogs http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/ Recent blogs from the Dyersburg State Gazette newspaper in Dyersburg, Tennessee en-us 5 killer sales call missteps (Guerilla Sales & Marketing by Lori Turner-Wilson) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/1736/entry/67773 Good old-fashioned sales calls are making a reprisal given how few salespeople are leveraging them anymore. With digital communication now serving as the preferred form of initial outreach to new prospects, there is a sizable opportunity for sales reps skilled at making a truly impactful sales call. The resurgence of this timeworn sales technique is like the opportunity that now exists in the direct mail space, given how dependent brands have become on email and social communication. When you... Sat, 03 Dec 2016 00:48:37 -0600 Light, Human Contact, and Voices (Out of my body, and into my mind by Sarah Alley) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2051/entry/67757 Light, Human Contact and Voices In my mind today I'm thinking about light, human contact, and voices. Eternity has an all encompassing light. When we move from this life our souls are blinded with a great light that removes the "weight" of our earthly existence. That "weight" is worry, doubts, and confusion of completing our earthly race. Are we doing enough? Can we pay the bills? Will our children become grateful stewards? Is there even a God who saves?... Thu, 01 Dec 2016 10:39:44 -0600 Dip and Kick (Fitness Tip by Amy Carroll) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2034/entry/67753 Targets: triceps, glutes, core 1. Get into a reverse tabletop position, with your arms behind you, feet firmly planted flat on the floor, and torso facing up. 2. Then lower your butt to the ground and kick your right leg as you come up. Do this for 30 seconds on each side. Wed, 30 Nov 2016 23:47:04 -0600 Bring your social content to life (Guerilla Sales & Marketing by Lori Turner-Wilson) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/1736/entry/67720 Most business owners have been advised about the importance social media plays in the success of a company. It is the new-age version of word-of-mouth referrals, and it’s more dynamic than any marketing channel that preceded it. Because social media is essential to your business, conversations about it often take on a tone of seriousness. However, this mindset is the antithesis of social media’s purpose. There is a way to treat social media as fun and innovative while still... Fri, 25 Nov 2016 23:47:56 -0600 Thanksgiving (Out of my body, and into my mind by Sarah Alley) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2051/entry/67700 Thanksgiving The holidays are upon us. In my mind, I'm thinking about Thanksgiving. It's always been one of my favorite holidays. I love my family and how we come together to share a meal and day together. We all bring a dish and try to replicate my mother's dressing. I eat that dressing for days after Thanksgiving. I eat it hot, cold, or three days old until it's gone. Thanksgiving falls on a different day each November as our earth revolves around the sun. It just so... Wed, 23 Nov 2016 13:33:32 -0600 Tears (Out of my body, and into my mind by Sarah Alley) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2051/entry/67699 Today in my mind I'm thinking about tears. I read about how Jesus wept bitter tears as he entered Jerusalem for the last time. There are all sorts of tears: joyful, angry, regretful, gut-wrenching, morose, and hurtful. The list could go as long as you want. Jesus felt empathy for his flock. He knew what would happen that fateful weekend. His heart literally ached. Bitter tears. We all have a lifetime of various tears. I admit lately I have had tears of many sorts. In my mind and body I have... Wed, 23 Nov 2016 13:28:46 -0600 Get a competitive advantage with a marketing map (Guerilla Sales & Marketing by Lori Turner-Wilson) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/1736/entry/67672 It sometimes seems like marketing campaigns are an escalating game of chase. When your closest competition takes out an advertisement in the newspaper emphasizing their clients’ successes, you might feel like you need to make your presence known with a two-page spread doing the same. When your competition puts up a billboard about the efficiency of a product or service, you wonder if you need one, too. When they start advertising with client testimonials on television, you consider... Sat, 19 Nov 2016 02:05:29 -0600 Fitness Tip: Core (Fitness Tip by Amy Carroll) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2034/entry/67671 Targets: obliques 1. You’re on your side, either resting your elbow on the floor with your feet stacked, or a more advanced move would be to hold yourself up with one hand. 2. Your arm is extended into the air while holding the ball. 3. Lift and lower your hip up and down. Do 3 sets of 12. Sat, 19 Nov 2016 02:02:56 -0600 Moving Forward (Out of my body, and into my mind by Sarah Alley) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2051/entry/67596 In my mind today, I'm thinking about Americans, losing heart, and seasons of tears. I'll start with seasons of tears. Periodically, the "chink in my armor" is exposed. As I zip around ever so busily in my little hometown, I run from my crying days. Today, the cloud formed over my bed before my sweet husband could rouse me and pull me up to seated position to use the lift to transfer me into the chair at 6 am. Last night, a water pipe burst under the house so my peeps were a... Wed, 09 Nov 2016 16:56:20 -0600 10 offline marketing strategies that work (Guerilla Sales & Marketing by Lori Turner-Wilson) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/1736/entry/67558 We’re so knee-deep in the digital age that the phrase “digital marketing” is now synonymous with “marketing.” As such, there is so much digital noise competing for the attention of consumers, your message can be easily lost. That’s why now, more than ever, a combination of offline and online strategies are your best bet. Consider these old-school, offline strategies as a way to break-through the digital clutter and win the hearts and minds of your... Sat, 05 Nov 2016 00:00:00 -0500 We the People (Out of my body, and into my mind by Sarah Alley) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2051/entry/67543 In my mind I'm thinking about divisions and civic duties. Students, remember when we did our Civics Unit? We started with the Preamble to the Constitution and examined each Article and Amendment. We not only memorized the Preamble but learned every word and the meanings. Posterity was one of the most important words we learned. I hope you still remember the definition. You grew lots of brain cells or dendrites that semester. You learned the responsibilities of each branch of the government... Thu, 03 Nov 2016 17:38:22 -0500 Fitness Tip: Isometric Hold for Core (Fitness Tip by Amy Carroll) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2034/entry/67533 1. While sitting in your chair at work or home, take a firm hold on each side of your chair. 2. Sit with your back straight, feet lifted off the floor, and pull on the chair in an upward motion while contracting your whole body (especially your belly). 3. Squeeze for 20 seconds, then release, and repeat 10 times. Thu, 03 Nov 2016 00:48:06 -0500 How planning wins the war on mediocrity (Guerilla Sales & Marketing by Lori Turner-Wilson) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/1736/entry/67485 It's a scenario many sales leaders know too well: You hire talented people with stellar track records and are left bewildered when they struggle to make their numbers week after week. You coach them. You put them on performance improvement plans. You remind your team of minimum targets and echo their bonus incentives at every sales meeting. Yet your team's performance continues to decline and motivation nosedives as a result. But why would a team of professionals who should be soaring high... Sat, 29 Oct 2016 01:28:57 -0500 What is a Catholic? (Out of my body, and into my mind by Sarah Alley) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2051/entry/67470 Today and this week my devotion has had many mini biographies of strong women: Rosa Parks, Sadako Sasaki, and Sarah & Angelina Grimke. As a history teacher students, you know I love this. It amazes me at the strength of ordinary people have the strength and wherewithal to accomplish such extraordinary feats. There's a huge underlying theme that spurs humans to risk their hearts and lives for the greater good of humanity. Are all these persons of one particular denomination of church? No, not at... Thu, 27 Oct 2016 14:11:59 -0500 Fitness Tip: Isometric Hold for Glutes and Hamstrings (Fitness Tip by Amy Carroll) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2034/entry/67466 1. Lie on your back with your feet propped up in the chair. 2. Press your heels into the chair while lifting your pelvis and making a bridge with your back. 3. Your arms and hands are flat on the floor. 4. Now squeeze your glutes and hold. 5. You should feel the squeeze all the way through your legs and core. 6. Hold for 20 seconds, release, then repeat 10 times. Thu, 27 Oct 2016 01:21:13 -0500 Caution! Read at your own Risk! (Out of my body, and into my mind by Sarah Alley) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2051/entry/67432 Today I'm thinking seriously about poverty, legalism, and hypocrites. Watch out! I may step on some toes. Be forewarned. Your toes may be stepped upon as this lesson unfolds. No scanning or skimming today students. Please read it through the end. As a teacher in the public school sector, I'm well aware of the "Culture of Poverty" in our country. We, our republic, helped to manifest it and give it steam. It began by trying to "help" instead of empower our minorities after the Civil War. We had a... Mon, 24 Oct 2016 13:28:22 -0500 Self-trust boosts integrity and sales performance (Guerilla Sales & Marketing by Lori Turner-Wilson) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/1736/entry/67418 I've always contended that there are few business professions as challenging as a career in sales, so it's not surprising that more than 45 percent of salespeople don't meet their annual quota, according to a CSO Insights 2015 Sales Compensation and Performance Management Study. The reasons are varied and often involve sales discipline. In the sales world, discipline is often defined as setting an activity schedule and sticking to it. I want to challenge you to think about discipline in a new... Sat, 22 Oct 2016 02:18:59 -0500 Fitness Tip: Banded Squat Jack (Fitness Tip by Amy Carroll) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2034/entry/67403 Targets: glutes and quads 1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, a loop band around your thighs, and push your hips back while bending your knees to lower into a squat. 2. Stay low as you jump both legs out as far as you can. 3. Then jump them back in, maintaining a flat back. That's one rep, do 12 reps. Thu, 20 Oct 2016 01:56:51 -0500 Autumn March for ALS 2K16 (Out of my body, and into my mind by Sarah Alley) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2051/entry/67382 In my mind I'm thinking about multiplication, riches, and the future. This past weekend we created an event to continue a beautiful tradition of community love through the 26th annual 5K, Youth 1 mile race, and 2 mile walk. We tweaked it a bit and named it the Autumn March for ALS. Our generous little 'burg had given unselfishly for 25 consecutive years. They didn't disappoint this past Saturday! As we started this adventure, we had hoped to clear $500 for the ALS Foundation of West Tennessee.... Tue, 18 Oct 2016 08:42:14 -0500 Why sales training doesn't work (Guerilla Sales & Marketing by Lori Turner-Wilson) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/1736/entry/67358 Imagine you're a football player and your coach shows you a new play by drawing it out on the white board. He asks you to execute the play in the next big game without ever practicing it. What is your likelihood for success? It's likely very low, even if you're an elite athlete, because elite athletes earn that moniker through hour upon hour of practice. Likewise, our successful execution of new sales skills naturally requires substantial practice before consistent and flawless behavior change... Sat, 15 Oct 2016 01:52:24 -0500 Fitness Tip: Banded Squat Jump (Fitness Tip by Amy Carroll) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2034/entry/67357 Targets: glutes and quads 1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, a loop band around your thighs, and push your hips back while bending your knees to lower into a squat. 2. Stay low as you jump both legs out as far as you can. 3. Then Jump them back in, maintaining a flat back. That's one rep, do 12 reps. Sat, 15 Oct 2016 01:51:16 -0500 5 tips to keep your marketing emails out of the trash (Guerilla Sales & Marketing by Lori Turner-Wilson) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/1736/entry/67310 On a typical day, the average professional receives about 100 emails and, according to a recent study, that number is only expected to grow. The average professional also is in the routine of quickly scanning the inbox and deleting emails that don't quickly catch their attention. It can be tough for any email these days to not end up in the trash bin. So how can you make your company's marketing emails stand out in a sea of doomed correspondence? If you want to get your email opened, the... Sat, 08 Oct 2016 01:07:50 -0500 Happiness or Joy (Out of my body, and into my mind by Sarah Alley) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2051/entry/67303 The last two months, I've been working at warp speed. Sunday School has started back as well as the Tween book club at the library. I've been conducting youth group on Wednesday nights and meeting the third Thursday of each month with an adult reading club at the public library. The Autumn March for ALS is literally days away and I'm praying for it to come together. I've been enjoying my family and friends. Life is so good, but ever so busy. This morning I read about Martha and Mary again.... Thu, 06 Oct 2016 14:18:41 -0500 Fitness Tip: Offset Reverse Lunge and Press (Fitness Tip by Amy Carroll) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2034/entry/67295 Targets: total body 1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, a dumbbell in your right hand and resting on your right shoulder, your left arm out to your side. 2. Brace your core and step your left leg back as you bend your knees and lower into a lunge. 3. Step your left foot back in, just a few inches behind your right, as you press the weight directly overhead. 4. Lower the weight and bring your feet back to hip-width apart. That's one rep, do as many as you can for 30 seconds, repeat. Thu, 06 Oct 2016 01:38:40 -0500 12 crucial social media metrics (Guerilla Sales & Marketing by Lori Turner-Wilson) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/1736/entry/67249 Most businesses of any size are at least experimenting with social media marketing these days, though most remain unsure if that notable time investment is really paying off. How do you know if you should continue down the social media path, invest more time and money, or shift your investment to another marketing channel entirely? Arriving at that decision begins by assessing your performance against these 12 crucial social media metrics -- which are extracted from a larger list published by... Sat, 01 Oct 2016 04:30:18 -0500 Seasons (Out of my body, and into my mind by Sarah Alley) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2051/entry/67203 Today in my mind, I'm thinking about seasons, lifting others up, sacrifice, and mercy. Ahh, yet another season change. Happy Fall! A year and a half ago, I started thinking about how many more seasons did I have left on earth. I was terribly sick and had no direction with my disease. I was going to the doctor with Ken. He had a pulmonary routine visit. You see, Ken and I are both very sick. In 2009, he was diagnosed with COPD, or emphysema. Think back. That was seven years ago. I had atrophy in... Mon, 26 Sep 2016 08:20:38 -0500 How could your brand capitalize on live-streaming? (Guerilla Sales & Marketing by Lori Turner-Wilson) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/1736/entry/67191 Since Facebook Live launched in April of this year, live streaming events have become very popular. While competitor Periscope has been around since early 2015, Facebook has integrated live streaming directly into the timelines of 1.71 billion users, making these live videos more visible than ever. So far, most brands have avoided these live video streams because of the obvious risks of a live broadcast. However, even Thomas Jefferson knew that with great risk comes great reward. How can your... Fri, 23 Sep 2016 23:16:44 -0500 Fitness Tip: Banded Plank Walk (Fitness Tip by Amy Carroll) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2034/entry/67181 Targets: total body 1. Start in a push-up position with a loop band around both wrists. 2. Brace your core as you step both feet out to the left side, then walk your left hand forward as far as possible. 3. Step your feet back in and replace your left hand underneath your shoulder to return to start. 4. Step your feet to the right and walk your right hand forward, then reverse the movement to return to start. That's one rep, continue alternating for 12 reps. Thu, 22 Sep 2016 00:11:24 -0500 Glitter (Out of my body, and into my mind by Sarah Alley) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2051/entry/67166 In my mind today, I'm thinking about martyrs, dependence, "the good news," love, and glitter. Yes, glitter! As a teacher, we hid the glitter. We tried very hard to only use it on special projects and sparingly. It stays around forever once you use it. Admit it students, you LOVE glitter. As I read this morning, I read about martyrs of the French Revolution. These priest were to renounce the "good news" and say Christ was not the savior and King of their lives. On September 2, 1792, 150... Tue, 20 Sep 2016 13:57:55 -0500 7 irrefutable laws of social-media marketing (Guerilla Sales & Marketing by Lori Turner-Wilson) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/1736/entry/67137 Seemingly every brand has a presence on at least one social platform these days. Very few, however, are successfully converting that resource investment into engaged, loyal customers. What's the secret of those realizing customer conversion? They are following these laws of social-media marketing. The law of targeting: Given the dozens of major social platforms vying for your attention, it's easy to lose focus -- spreading your attention across too many channels. Instead, select one channel... Fri, 16 Sep 2016 23:23:30 -0500 Fitness Tip: Kneeling Straight-Arm Lat Extension (Fitness Tip by Amy Carroll) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2034/entry/67136 Targets: Latissumus Dorsi (Back) 1. Kneeling, facing wall, move away from wall so that arms are higher than eye level, chest is up, back is straight, head is straight. 2. Bring arms down so that hands are right by your hips, while squeezing your shoulder blades (scapula retraction). 3. Repeat 12-15 reps. Fri, 16 Sep 2016 23:22:44 -0500 9/11 (Out of my body, and into my mind by Sarah Alley) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2051/entry/67084 Today in my mind I'm thinking about fruit, prodigal sons, and phobias. Every year we hear the story of the prodigal son. You know it. This year we read Luke's version: Luke 15: 1-32. I always get a knot in my stomach. I always think how horrible the son is and how the son should be punished for his wayward behavior and surely not embraced. Admit it, you do, too. Why? Because we are human. Why should the prodigal son get a huge party when we were here working, paying tithes and taxes, making... Mon, 12 Sep 2016 12:08:15 -0500 Plan ahead in these 4 areas for 2017 (Guerilla Sales & Marketing by Lori Turner-Wilson) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/1736/entry/67073 It's not too soon to start thinking about how you're going to make 2017 a success for your company. Here are four areas that are essential to the sales and marketing performance of your business. 1. Competitive Scan: It can feel time-consuming to stay abreast of the moves your competitors are making. After all, you have your own business to run. However, becoming too disconnected from the competition's price points, expansions or product launches, personnel changes and customer feedback can... Fri, 09 Sep 2016 23:49:04 -0500 Fitness Tip: Kneeling One Arm Row With Resistance Bands (Fitness Tip by Amy Carroll) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2034/entry/67048 Targets: latissumus dorsi (back) 1. Start by anchoring your band under the door (with a door anchor). 2. On your knees, get into a 3-point stance. 3. Using a reverse grip, palm facing up, shoulder down (scapula depression), pull back with a light grip. 4. Switch and repeat multiple times 12-15 reps. Thu, 08 Sep 2016 01:50:09 -0500 Trojan Time (Out of my body, and into my mind by Sarah Alley) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2051/entry/67045 In my mind, I'm thinking about teaching. I know when some see the title "Trojan Time" they will be transported back to DMS. Ironically, parent/teacher conferences are this week. As I'm reflecting, I don't recall much about who mastered the most objectives, but I do remember teaching morals in everyday lessons and especially during "Trojan Time." I remember as a teacher we had time slots sprinkled throughout the school year to connect with students. These were called "Trojan Time." The name... Wed, 07 Sep 2016 12:15:56 -0500 Convert trade-show connections into clients (Guerilla Sales & Marketing by Lori Turner-Wilson) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/1736/entry/67014 ~Editor's Note: This is the second in a two-part series. Does your company actually close sales on the trade show floor? Trade shows can certainly heighten your brand awareness and guide prospects into your sales pipeline. However, unless you're selling goods or services at the trade show itself, your sales team needs a compelling follow-up strategy--and it starts before the event ends. Never wait until the event is over to connect with a hot prospect you met at the show. Especially if... Sat, 03 Sep 2016 00:54:12 -0500 Fitness Tip: 36 Crunch - Left, Right, and Center Abdominals (Fitness Tip by Amy Carroll) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2034/entry/67013 1. Lie on your back, while moving the top half of your body and the bottom half of your body simultaneously, by lifting your arms to meet your left foot. 2. Then switch to the other side, with the right foot; 3. Followed by both feet together. Do 12 on the left, 12 on the right, 12 in the middle. Sat, 03 Sep 2016 00:52:58 -0500 Becoming Smaller (Out of my body, and into my mind by Sarah Alley) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2051/entry/66975 After completing my first Sunday School class solo two Sundays ago, I was sitting in the pew reflecting. Last year, I felt called to teach the high school class. When I became more feeble and had to retire from teaching the public sector, I cried out in prayer, "God are you finished with me?" As I sat in the pew, a door was opened. I volunteered for the task of teaching this class. My health can plateau or plummet at any time. I prayed for a plateau to run the course of last year's class... Mon, 29 Aug 2016 15:28:35 -0500 How top sales teams maximize trade shows (Guerilla Sales & Marketing by Lori Turner-Wilson) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/1736/entry/66957 Your marketing team can go all out before a trade show. They can create a compelling booth design, write informative collateral and come up with exciting giveaways to grab attention. However, no matter how great your marketing team might be, none of these marketing investments will ever pay off in closed sales--unless your sales team shows up prepared. If you want your sales team to generate trade show successes, you need to develop a strategy that goes beyond marketing. First, create a... Fri, 26 Aug 2016 23:27:34 -0500 Fitness Tip: Circle 8 Abdominals (Fitness Tip by Amy Carroll) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2034/entry/66934 Targets: lower abs and obliques 1. Lie on your back, both feet extended up into the air and together, shoulder blades lifted, chin tucked into your chest. 2. Arms by your side on the floor 3. Begin to lift your pelvis up off of the floor while tracing the air with both feet in a circle eight pattern. 4. Circle eight to the left then circle eight to the right. 5. Repeat 10-12 times. Wed, 24 Aug 2016 23:40:18 -0500 How Fortune 500 brands use Instagram (Guerilla Sales & Marketing by Lori Turner-Wilson) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/1736/entry/66893 Now with more than a half billion users, mobile photo-sharing site Instagram has surpassed Twitter in popularity. In fact, according to GlobalWebIndex, it is the fastest growing major social media network. So what is driving Instagram's meteoric rise? Overall consumer appetites for photo and video content is certainly a dominant factor, but demographically speaking, it's young people that Instagram has to thank for its growth. Sixteen- to 24-year-olds have been jumping on the Instagram... Sat, 20 Aug 2016 00:09:52 -0500 Fitness Tip: Lunge Forward with an Overhead Press/Lunge Back with a Tricep Kickback (Fitness Tip by Amy Carroll) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2034/entry/66836 Targets: shoulders, triceps, legs 1. Stand with feet shoulder width, with a dumbbell in each hand by your side, lunge forward with your right foot while extending your arms over your head. 2. Then lunge back with the same leg while lowering your arms and extending them behind you (elbows raised high), like a tricep kickback. 3. So together, it is one move. 4. Then step back to the center; arms should now again be by your side. Repeat 10-12 times, then switch legs. Thu, 18 Aug 2016 00:06:38 -0500 Marching On (Out of my body, and into my mind by Sarah Alley) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2051/entry/66804 Today in my mind I'm thinking about races. I've dedicated myself to revamping a local 5K race. It will be for ALS awareness now. From Mission March to Autumn March for ALS, here we go! I participated in this race often, but not every year. It was an effort of community to support the local summer camp for underprivileged kids. They were discontinuing it and now voilą it's my newest project to fight to live not die with ALS. Even though I've been bound to my chairs for three years now, the... Mon, 15 Aug 2016 12:11:28 -0500 Proven plays to win referrals (Guerilla Sales & Marketing by Lori Turner-Wilson) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/1736/entry/66794 It's not news that creating an active referral pipeline is a game-changer for B2B sales teams. A recent Nielsen consumer insights survey revealed that up to 92 percent of people trust word-of-mouth recommendations from friends over any other form of advertising. Motivating your customers and clients to spread the word, however, is another story entirely. According to a 2015 Harvard Business Review survey, 25 percent of customers are likely to share a positive experience, compared to 65... Fri, 12 Aug 2016 22:58:19 -0500 Coaches (Out of my body, and into my mind by Sarah Alley) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2051/entry/66774 In my mind today, I'm thinking about wheat, coaches, and life. How does wheat or any plant reproduce? It flowers and then it fades. Ultimately upon its death, much fruit or new plants spring up. That's how I have so many Black-eyed Susans around my house. We die to finish a chapter of life and hopefully good will sprout from the "seeds" we've sown with our works on earth. Now, let's think about coaches. As an athlete, I've had quite a few in my short life. Every coach has their method of... Wed, 10 Aug 2016 12:06:49 -0500 Fitness Tip: Rotation Movement Pattern (Fitness Tip by Amy Carroll) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2034/entry/66734 Targets: Core There are seven fundamental movement patterns in training: squat, lunge, hip hinge, push, pull, rotation, and carry -- keep them balanced. 1. Begin on all fours with hands directly below shoulders and knees below hips, about 6 inches apart. 2. Eyes remain fixed on the floor, shoulders and hips remain level from one side to the next. 3. Reach your left arm to the wall in front of you and your right heel to the wall behind you. 4. Now, do your best to touch your elbow and knee... Sat, 06 Aug 2016 00:29:46 -0500 Ignite your social followers (Guerilla Sales & Marketing by Lori Turner-Wilson) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/1736/entry/66733 How many times have you found yourself staring at your company's social media page wondering why you are struggling to get your followers to engage? It's easy to wonder how so many people could have so little to say. Many of us have gotten caught in the wormhole of chasing followers, expecting a predictable correlation between the number of followers you have and the engagement that will reflect on your page. Having more followers is not the answer to social media world domination; quality is.... Sat, 06 Aug 2016 00:25:54 -0500 Hearts (Out of my body, and into my mind by Sarah Alley) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2051/entry/66659 In my mind today, I'm thinking about hearts. All living animals have one. It's an involuntary muscle that is centered in the living being. Without it, we are dead, literally and metaphorically. I'm thinking about conversations a fellow teacher and I used to have. We talked about hearts every year. Not just any old hearts, the hearts of our new batch of students. I'm sad to say many of their young hearts were damaged and sometimes beyond our repair in that short frame of time we were with... Wed, 27 Jul 2016 16:49:01 -0500 Vacations (Out of my body, and into my mind by Sarah Alley) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2051/entry/66630 In my mind today, I'm thinking about vacations. I've been blessed with some pretty cool adventures in this life. Each vacation I've had can be revisited in my mind and senses. They are magical and indestructible. That's the beauty of them. Fifteen years ago in the heat of July, Ken and I took our kiddos to Disney World. It was an adventure for sure. Long lines, lots of walking, and sunburns fill my mind. When we arrived home and we were back in the groove of life with me teaching, the kids in... Mon, 25 Jul 2016 10:05:29 -0500 Fitness Tip: V-Sit (Fitness Tip by Amy Carroll) http://www.stategazette.com/blogs/2034/entry/66620 1. Sit on floor in V position, tubing looped around both feet. 2. Hold handles with either one hand or both hands. 3. Point toes away from body to avoid losing anchor. 4. Keeping tension constant, lift legs and contract abdominals, balancing on buttocks. 5. Rock from side to side, abduct legs, contract abs, or just hold. Sat, 23 Jul 2016 00:10:17 -0500