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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016
Photo Galleries
Dyersburg football at Ripley (08/27/16)
Dyer County football vs. Brighton (08/27/16)
Dyer County - McKenzie 8.19.2016 (08/22/16)
Dyersburg Football vs. MLK-Prep Aug. 19, 2016 (08/19/16)
Kustoff-Huckabee at Dave's on the Square (08/16/16)
Sports Plus Jamboree - Dyer County vs. USJ (08/13/16)
STAR Physical Therapy/West TN Bone & Joint High School Football Jamboree - Dyersburg vs. Covington (08/13/16)
STAR Physical Therapy/West TN Bone & Joint High School Football Jamboree - Haywood vs. Union City (08/13/16)
STAR Physical Therapy/West TN Bone & Joint High School Football Jamboree - Brighton vs. Obion (08/13/16)
STAR Physical Therapy/West TN Bone & Joint High School Football Jamboree Munford vs. Crockett (08/13/16)
Pokemon GO! (07/26/16)
DCHS In-Service- July 2016 (07/26/16)
Discovery Park-Newbern Police Dept. (07/26/16)
William Serio-Local beekeeper (07/11/16)
S&G Farms (07/05/16)
4th of July Celebration-Gerald Ketchum Memorial Fireworks Display (07/05/16)
The Highlands-Summertime event festivities (06/28/16)
Music Festival 2016 (06/28/16)
Newbern welcomes 'Little Obie' (06/28/16)
Political Forum/ Chamber of Commerce (06/28/16)
Kayaking on the Forked Deer/Farmer's Market 2016 (06/28/16)
Juneteenth Celebration (06/28/16)
Relay for Life (06/28/16)
Memorial Day Ceremony 2016 (05/31/16)
Dream Factory-Hudson Hayes (05/31/16)
McIver's Grant Summer Reading Program (05/31/16)
DHS Graduation- Class of 2016 (05/23/16)
The Highlands-National Armed Forces Day (05/23/16)
Dot Forklift Rodeo-2016 (05/23/16)
TCAT-Newbern Fish Fry (05/23/16)
Chamber Golf Tournament 2016 (05/23/16)
Mother-Daughter Reunion (05/23/16)
Dyersburg Softball vs. Covington (Substate) (05/21/16)
Dyersburg Soccer at JCS (Sub-State) (05/21/16)
Dyersburg Softball vs. South Side (7AA Tournament) (05/16/16)
George Hancock Memorial Track Meet (05/16/16)
DCHS Class of 2016 (05/16/16)
Peace Run-Dyersburg Intermediate School (05/13/16)
DCHS FFA Banquet (05/11/16)
Dogwood Brights and Downtown Delights (05/11/16)
Mission Blitz (05/11/16)
Bikini Bottoms SRRS Event (05/11/16)
ABWA Girl's Night Out (05/11/16)
PADD National Prevention Month events (05/11/16)
Legislative Coffee (04/14/16)
Legislative Coffee (04/14/16)
DCHS Awards Banquet (04/14/16)
CRD Awards Banquet (04/14/16)
Three Oaks Middle School Career Fair (04/14/16)
Newbern Safe Room dedication ceremony/ Candlelight Vigil (04/07/16)
DCHS Girls Basketball team- Recognition Certificates (04/07/16)
Murphy's Heart -Dyersburg Intermediate School (04/07/16)
Jacob Stewart Signing (04/01/16)
Butterfly Run 2016 (03/29/16)
Tencom Code Academy (03/29/16)
Revive-ALL 3.19.16 (03/21/16)
Dyer County Softball at Halls (03/15/16)
Southtown Flood 3.14.16 (03/14/16)
Hometown Southern Deals (03/04/16)
Life Choices-Chuckles and Chocolates event (03/04/16)
Discovery Park Imagination Playground 'Grand Unveil' (03/04/16)
Feed the Need- February Food Drive (02/24/16)
TCAT-Newbern, National Signing Day (02/24/16)
Newbern/ Brownsville Police visit DCHS-distracted driver simulation (02/24/16)
Walk Across TN, Dyersburg Mall Ceremony (02/24/16)
Tennessee's Education Commissioner (02/24/16)
Soybean Conference (02/10/16)
Winter House and New Reveals (02/03/16)
Chairman's Banquet 2015 (02/01/16)
Robins (01/29/16)
Robins robbing holly berries can't be stopped
Jurassic Quest (01/28/16)
Jurassic Quest at Jackson Fairgrounds
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (01/19/16)
Martin Luther King Jr. Day participants brave the cold to celebrate freedom
5th Annual Duck Blast (01/08/16)
Floodwaters in Dyer county and Pemiscott county (01/05/16)
Mississippi flood water photos from Dyer and Pemiscott counties
Finley Flood Evacuation (12/31/15)
Kroger drainage ditch runneth over (12/31/15)
Heavy rains fill drainage ditch at Kroger
Chick-fil-A celebrates Symbol of Success (12/31/15)
Chick-fil-A celebrates Symbol of Success
Christmas Eve contrails over Dyersburg (12/29/15)
Christmas Eve contrails over Dyersburg
flooding preparations underway (12/28/15)
Mississippi River on the rise
Demolition of downtown Dyersburg building (12/21/15)
The demolition of the building on the southeast side of the courthouse square
Trimble Community Christmas (12/21/15)
DHS ACT award ceremony (12/16/15)
Sixty-eight DHS students receive ACT pins
Cars and Coffee (12/14/15)
Newbern Christmas Parade 2015 (12/11/15)
Sorghum Valley (12/11/15)
Halloween winners (12/09/15)
Halloween decoration winners
Dyersburg City Schools teachers of the year (12/09/15)
Dyersburg City School System teachers of the year
New Life Union Mission Thanksgiving dinner (12/07/15)
New Life Union Mission Thanksgiving dinner
Christmas Parade 2015 (12/02/15)
Dyersburg basketball vs. Memphis Metro (11/20/15)
Caring Heart Ministries (11/19/15)
Caring Heart Ministries donates handmade crochet hats to children in need
Town Hall Meeting at DSCC (11/19/15)
DSCC staff & faculty meet with Ed Jackson & Bill Sanderson
Dyer County basketball vs. Greene County Tech, Ark. (11/17/15)
Chimes for Charity (11/13/15)
Fyrne Lake Trail Run (11/11/15)
Fyrne Lake Race for Mission Blitz
Veteran's Day Parade (11/11/15)
Dyersburg Football vs. Covington (11/07/15)
City Hall Halloween (11/02/15)
Dyersburg City Hall Halloween Eve
Dyersburg Football vs. JCM (10/30/15)
Finley Cougar Alumni benefit (10/30/15)