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Monday, Nov. 30, 2015
Photo Galleries
Dyersburg basketball vs. Memphis Metro (11/20/15)
Caring Heart Ministries (11/19/15)
Caring Heart Ministries donates handmade crochet hats to children in need
Town Hall Meeting at DSCC (11/19/15)
DSCC staff & faculty meet with Ed Jackson & Bill Sanderson
Dyer County basketball vs. Greene County Tech, Ark. (11/17/15)
Chimes for Charity (11/13/15)
Fyrne Lake Trail Run (11/11/15)
Fyrne Lake Race for Mission Blitz
Veteran's Day Parade (11/11/15)
Dyersburg Football vs. Covington (11/07/15)
City Hall Halloween (11/02/15)
Dyersburg City Hall Halloween Eve
Dyersburg Football vs. JCM (10/30/15)
Finley Cougar Alumni benefit (10/30/15)
HECO goes ALL IN! (10/29/15)
HECO Mgf. goes ALL IN!
DOwntown Dyersburg Fire 10-27-15 (10/28/15)
Heroes' Breakfast at Methodist Church (10/28/15)
Heroes' Breakfast interrupted by early morning fire
Life Maze (10/26/15)
Life Choices gives middle schoolers a chance to see the consequences of wrong choices
Dyer County football vs. Lexington (Senior Night) (10/24/15)
Back to the Future at McIvers (10/23/15)
Back to the Future at McIver's Library
Brush fire on Connell Rd. (10/22/15)
Soybean field blaze on Connell Rd.
Depot Days (10/20/15)
25th Annual Mission March (10/19/15)
Photos from this year's Mission March races
Dyersburg Football vs. McNairy Central (10/17/15)
Irene Kiefer Celebrates 100 yrs. (10/16/15)
Ms. Irene Kiefer 100th birthday party
United Way Fund Raising Campaign (10/16/15)
United Way kicks off fund raising campaign
Sargent York (10/13/15)
Sgt. York at Discovery Park
African Photos by Gary Meade (10/13/15)
Gary Meade captures critters on camera
Dyer County Football vs. Ripley (10/09/15)
District 13AAA Volleyball Tournament (10/07/15)
TCAT of Newbern receives funds for 3-D printer (10/05/15)
TCAT at Newbern hosted some important visitors supporting Delta area communities
Pumpkins for sale (10/05/15)
Pumpkins fill the lawn in front of First Christian Church
Reelfoot Arts and Crafts Festival (10/05/15)
Reelfoot Arts and Crafts Festival has big weekend
Dyersburg Football at Milan (10/03/15)
Coon Creek (10/01/15)
Coon Creek and 5th graders explore fossil beds
September yard of the month (09/30/15)
Yard of the month
Dyersburg City School award recipients (09/30/15)
DHS parent and student win recognition at the Regional level
2015 Dyersburg High School Volleyball (09/28/15)
Northview at Three Oaks (Middle School Football) (09/28/15)
Fall Festival this weekend (09/28/15)
Fall Festival draws largest crowd ever
2015 Main Street Fall Faestival (09/28/15)
2015 Dyer County Lady Choctaw Soccer (09/26/15)
Dyer County Football vs. Jackson Northside (homecoming) (09/26/15)
Fair Friday Night (09/25/15)
Kids night at the Fair
More Dyer County Fair photos (09/25/15)
Rosie Pope (09/25/15)
Rosie Pope stops in D'burg
Alchymia Shriners award Boss Hoss Trike (09/25/15)
Alchymia Shriners award Boss Hoss Trike to Frank Ingram
Jake Day (09/22/15)
Jake Day for young turkey hunters
DES School Safety Classes (09/22/15)
The Dyersburg Electric System teaches 4th graders about the dangers of electricity
Fall Festival this weekend (09/22/15)
The Fall Festival happening this weekend at the Farmers Market, downtown Dyersburg, Tn
Depot Days (09/21/15)
Depot Day in Newbern
Dyer County football at Haywood (09/19/15)
St, Jude Riders (09/18/15)
Fair Dog Show (09/14/15)
Dogs and their handlers at the Dyer County Fair
Dyer County Fair Lambs (09/14/15)
Lambs at the Fair
2015 Cry Out America Prayer Event (09/12/15)
Dyersburg football at Crockett County (09/12/15)
Dyer County vs. Hardin County (09/12/15)
Dyer County Fairgrounds (09/10/15)
Dyer County Fair
Dyer County Fair 2015 (09/10/15)
Dyer County Fair
Dyer County football at Crockett County (09/05/15)
C&C Pharmacy Customer Appreciation Day (09/01/15)
Dyer County football at Brighton (08/31/15)
Dyersburg-Ripley football 8.28.15 (08/30/15)
Emergency Vehicle Driving Simulation (08/26/15)
Emergency Vehicle Driving Simulation
Photography club August meeting (08/24/15)
One of the winning photos for the month of August
DSCC begins new semester (08/24/15)
First day of classes at DSCC
Mississippi river bridge under construction (08/24/15)
Mississippi river bridge under construction
Dyer County-McKenzie season opener (08/24/15)
DSCC Photo expo (08/24/15)
DSCC Photo expo (08/24/15)
The recent display of photos at the DSCC Learning Resource Center
Dyersburg High School vs. MLK-Prep (08/21/15)
Elonnah Biker Ride (08/11/15)
Raising money for Elonnah
Wings over Halls Air Show 2015 (08/11/15)
Wings Over Halls a great success
First Christian Church (08/11/15)
First Christian Photos
Washer Pitchin' (08/11/15)
Washer pitching at the Farmer's Market
ride for Ms. Vicky (08/11/15)
the annual Ms. Vicky motorcycle ride to Sturgis
WTAC Jamboree at Three Oaks (08/10/15)
Dyersburg Dixie Boys sendoff (07/31/15)
Dyer County Football Practice July 27 (07/27/15)
Dyersburg Football Practice July 27 (07/27/15)
BBQ Fest Awards (07/27/15)
Dyer County Schools 2015-16 Back to School Breakfast (07/27/15)
storm shelter (07/27/15)
Opening of the Dyersburg storm shelter
DHS Back to School Cookout (07/23/15)
Middle School 7-on-7 at Three Oaks (07/21/15)
McIver's Grant Summer reading program (07/21/15)
Kids salute American Veterans
Washer pitchin (07/21/15)
Pitching washers at the farmers market
Senator Lamar Alexander (07/21/15)
US Senator Alexander addresses education bill and Iran deal
McIver's Grant Summer reading program (07/20/15)
Dr. Bacigalupo and Chinese visitors (07/20/15)
Christian Center Food Distribution (07/20/15)
Clover Creek Ranch and Lodge (07/20/15)
WinShape Camps for Communities (07/17/15)
This program was offered the week of July 13-17 at DHS for kids 1-6 grades
Master Gardener Award (07/07/15)
Master Gardeners receive award
Memorial Day (07/07/15)
Courthouse celebration of Veterans Day
Veterans Museum, Halls, TN (07/07/15)
Halls Veterans Museum exhibits include area residents that served our country
Rolling Meadows 4th of July Parade (07/07/15)
Summer Reading program at McIvers Library (07/02/15)
Kids and parents enjoying their day at the Library
Little Levee (07/01/15)
Summer high water flooding farmer's fields and new levee construction on schedule
United Way of West Tennessee shows gratitude to area companies (06/30/15)
June Health Fair at Lannom Center (06/30/15)