City code changed following public hearings

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

The Dyersburg City Board on Monday night approved a change in the city ordinance that allowed that city employees take over the annual inspection of backflow-prevention devices on water lines and offer the service free of charge.

Backflow preventers are required at many businesses to keep contaminated water from reaching the city's potable water system. The state of Tennessee and the city building code require that an annual inspection of the devices be conducted by someone certified for backflow preventers. To date this has been handled by about five plumbers in Dyer County with inspection costs ranging between $45 and $50, according to David Rice, who directs Dyersburg's cross-connection program. There are two certified city workers in Public Works.

There are about 600 businesses in the city that currently have backflow preventers installed.

Backflow is reversal of water flow in a system. It usually occurs when water pressure drops in the main line and sucks contaminants back into the feeder pipes. The effect is the same as siphoning gasoline from a car tank using a hose.

Freddie Krapf, the director of public works, was concerned the free inspection effort might ultimately require more man-hours than existing personnel could provide. The board committed the city to a year of free inspections by city employees and, after that, the program would be reviewed.

The mayor and aldermen also approved another change in the city's safety ordinances Monday night, prohibiting the placement of basketball goals and other athletic equipment alongside or within public rights of way.

Two public hearings were set for meetings in January. The first will be to consider approval of a new package liquor store: The Liquor Store of Dyersburg, LLC, at 1697 Highway 51 Bypass in Parker Plaza. This hearing was set for Jan. 3, 2005.

The second public hearing will be on Jan. 18. It is to annex an approximately one-acre lot abutting the Dyersburg Regional Airport that may be used for a rental-car agency or a bed and breakfast in the future.

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