City board OKs mobile data project costs

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Boys Scout Troop 88 gather together for a photo prior to the city board meeting on Monday evening. The troop is working on their Citizen and Community Merit Badge.

Boy Scout Troop 88 out of First Baptist Church attended the regular board meeting for the Dyersburg Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Monday evening as the troop is working toward receiving its Citizen and Community Merit Badge. The board, which met for the first time in a month after the Sept. 17 meeting was not held due to a lack of agenda items, had very little business to conduct but did receive reports on three committee meetings held in the last two weeks. After unanimously approving the attorney invoice in the amount of $6,090.50 on a motion by Alderman Bart Williams and a second by Alderman Bob Kirk, the board turned its attention toward the committee meeting minutes.

Kirk, who is chairman of the Public Safety Committee, presented the minutes for the meeting held on Wednesday, Sept. 19. The meeting discussed the CAD mobile data project and how the recurring costs would impact the Dyersburg Police Department. Also discussed were false alarms and what penalties could be imposed on repeat offenders of false alarms that were draining DPD resources. After reading the minutes Kirk moved that the board approve the recurring costs associated with the CAD mobile data project. Williams seconded the motion and the floor was opened for discussion.

Alderman Robert Taylor Jr. asked if the additional costs could be taken out of the drug fund. Mayor John Holden responded that the drug fund was to be used for costs related to fighting drug-related crimes. Williams asked what was included in the recurring costs of the project. Holden explained that the approximately $17,000 in recurring fees was the cost of the air card (network connectivity fees).

"This is a substantial investment by the 911 board that requires minimum investment by the city," said Kirk.

The board approved the recurring costs of the CAD mobile data project without opposition and next listened to Alderman Kevin Chaney present the minutes of the Finance Committee meeting, which was held on Friday, Sept. 21. The committee listed to the concerns of several residents that felt that conditions in their neighborhoods were deteriorating due to residents who did not care about their properties, residents who were unable to maintain their homes and landlords who appeared to only want to maintain minimum housing standards.

After Chaney presented the minutes, Kirk read three ordinances to the audience, which covered: the responsibilities of citizens in maintaining their properties, the conditions of trash cans and what is considered an appropriate driveway.

"It is important that citizens understand that there are ordinances in place concerning maintenance," said Kirk. "We need to try to enforce them and we will have a better quality of life."

The board moved on to the Gas, Water and Sewer Committee meeting, which was held on Wednesday, Sept. 27. Alderman Terry Glover, committee chairman, presented the minutes, which discussed the city of Friendship's desire to have their wastewater treated by the city of Dyersburg. The agreement will require that Friendship run a line from Tigrett down Highway 412 and tie into Dyersburg's system at East Court Street. As discussed in the meeting, there is no cost to Dyersburg and all maintenance-related costs will be handled by Friendship.

Glover moved that the board accept the proposal with Chaney seconding the motion that was unanimously approved.

In the alderman reports:

* Williams reported that Saturday was a representation of what Dyersburg is and can be. With so many events that took place throughout the day, citizens would be challenged to say that there was nothing going on in the city. Williams also reminded the board that there is a Recreation Committee meeting at Dyersburg Intermediate School at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 3. In addition on that same day, DIS is participating in the National Walk to School Day. Seven neighborhood sites have been identified where students can gather and walk a half mile or less with an adult.

* Alderman Dennis Moody wanted to expand on the discussion of cleanliness and trash. Moody commented that something needs to be done about trespassers who look through people's garbage, scattering the trash throughout the street making it impossible for the knuckle boomers to collect.

* Taylor asked if there was any way for the police department to hold public forums so that citizens can understand some of the challenges that officers go through. Capt. Steven Isbell who was in attendance at the meeting addressed the board and said that the best way for citizens to learn about the police department was to attend the Citizen's Police Academy, which was not held this past year due to a lack of students. Isbell said that the DPD would once again be hosting the academy this spring. Also, Isbell commented that neighborhood watch meetings are an opportunity for citizens and the DPD to interact and any citizen that would like to host a neighborhood watch meeting can contact the DPD about attendance.

* Kirk, Glover, Chaney, Alderwoman Jewell Horner and Alderwoman Joan Wyatt did not have anything to report.

In the mayor's report:

* The golf course revenue for the month of August was $33,691.77 and for the month of September was $33,037.94.

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