Relay for Life to move downtown in 2013

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Relay for Life Event Chairs Anthony (left) and Maleia Evans (right) speak with the members of the event committee about moving the event to downtown Dyersburg. Committee members voted to move the event from the Dyersburg State Community College campus after taking into consideration numerous suggestions made by volunteers and community members after this year's Relay for Life.

Starting next year, Relay for Life will be held in a new location. The widely received community event will be moving from the Dyersburg State Community College campus to downtown Dyersburg.

Recently, committee chairs met to discuss the move and what it means to organizers and the community. Relay for Life Event Chairs Anthony and Maleia Evans said the decision to move Relay was something the event committee had been considering after receiving numerous suggestions after this year's event.

"Since Anthony and I agreed to serve Dyer County and the American Cancer Society as the event chairs for our 2013 Relay For Life, we have received numerous requests and comments from past Relay volunteers and community members, alike, to 'do something different'," said Maleia Evans. "We're very excited that the 2013 Event Committee voted to try something different in the way of location. While, in my heart, Dyersburg State Community College will always be home for the Dyer County Relay For Life, we are encouraged by all that the newly renovated downtown square has to offer in the way of hosting a large community event now, as well. Our community is very fortunate to now have several locations, which offer great benefits to hosting communitywide events."

Steve Guttery, the director of Downtown Development for the Dyersburg/Dyer County Chamber of Commerce, stated downtown Dyersburg is ready to host the event and hopes the community will embrace the newly renovated location.

"With the new streetscape project finally completed, downtown Dyersburg is ready to take on a host of new celebrations, events, and festivals," said Guttery. "We are proud that Relay for Life will be held on the Courthouse lawn. Dyersburg State Community College has been a wonderful host for Relay and we want to extend that same welcome downtown."

Dyer County Relay for Life Community Promotions Chair Rachel Cartwright said they deeply appreciated DSCC President Dr. Karen Bowyer and her staff for the number of years and hard work they have put into the event in the past.

"They have helped Relay for Life be a success for almost 20 years, and we are very grateful," said Cartwright.

An official theme will for the 2013 event will be determined this month by the Relay for Life Event Committee using ideas they have received.

"The 2013 Dyer County Relay for Life will be a year of appreciation, a year of reflecting on the past successes of previous Relays and on showing love, support, and appreciation to current and past volunteers, survivors, sponsors and teams," said Maleia Evans. "Raising money for cancer research is extremely important. We do realize that and we want to raise as much as possible at our 2013 Relay For Life. But, the success of the 2013 Dyer County Relay for Life will not be measured, in our eyes, by how much money is raised. We will know we have been successful when we ensure that people who participate are uplifted, when survivors and caregivers feel empowered to fight their cancer battle just one more day, when community members and businesses who financially support the event feel appreciated, and when youth and children in our community experience the personal reward that comes from helping others in need. Relay for Life is a community event, a coming together of people from all walks of life for one united purpose. Our main goal in 2013 will be to bring our community together to care about each other and to make a difference in each other's lives, while we fight cancer one lap and one penny at a time. We encourage teams to start forming now, starting fundraising now, start Relaying now."

Relay for Life is scheduled for Friday April 26, 2013.

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