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At the Shelter

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Friends, I hope you find the following food safety tips for your pet helpful.

It's that wonderful time of the year where friends and family gather to consume large quantities of food, socialize, watch football, kids play, teenagers text and dogs hope the aroma from the kitchen is a hint of a bounty for them. Many well-meaning dog lovers can't resist the soulful eyes of the family dog begging for food so offer up some goodies. Some dogs are experienced beggars as they have learned tenacity works. This time of year emergency vets unfortunately see an increase of animal-related medical conditions at the clinic.

General safety tips for your pets

1. Plain turkey in small quantities may be OK for a pet. Most pets do not tolerate spicy seasonings very well or a large quantity of food. So giving the dog a sampling of everything on the human menu should be avoided.

2. Food high in fat such as the skin of the bird can cause inflammation in dogs.

3. Make sure to dispose of turkey bones where the pet cannot get to them. These bones will splinter when chewed. Bones can get caught in a pet's esophagus or intestinal track. This could be life threatening.

4. Rancid food is full of bacteria and can make a pet very sick, so make sure garbage is not accessible to the pet.

5. Turkey stuffing may contain onions, garlic or raisins, all toxic to dogs. Included on the list, bread dough, grapes, chocolate, and avocadoes.

6. Remind guests not to offer table scraps or appetizers to the dog.

7. Manage children and pets. The excitement of the holiday can get the best of anyone.

8. If the family pet is skittish around people, noises, or sudden movement then containing the dog away from the stimulation is recommended.

9. If your pet guards any resources such as food, toys or you, be proactive to ensure everyone has a good Thanksgiving. Otherwise a child or adult could get bitten.

10. An open door or open garage may be an invitation for your pet to bolt. Keep your pet contained while guests are coming or going.

Other suggestions:

1. On the morning of the holiday try to exercise the dog to try to wear them out before guests arrive.

2. Offer special chew toys during the time people are buzzing around.

3. Make sure your pet has ID and license on a collar just in case the pet bolts out an open door.

4. Offer friendly reminders to family and friends if necessary as to interactions with your pet. Not every dog is comfortable with hugs or being on someone's lap. (Source: Diane Rich)

This and that at the shelter: Santa has informed us he will be at The Pet Stop for Santa Paws (pictures with pets and children) on Saturday, Dec. 1, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Photos are only $8 and all proceeds benefit the Dyersburg/Dyer County Humane Society. Please support this worthy fundraiser.

'Brigit' smiles at everyone who stops to talk to her. She is a beautiful, friendly, tri-colored feist and is a sweet, gentle girl. 'Buddy' is a cute, red min pin with a docked tail. If you are looking for a non-shed dog, look no further. He is a house dog and will need a sweater when he goes outside. Buddy is heartworm negative and has a happy, upbeat personality. He enjoys being petted and loves to give kisses. 'Princess' is a tiny, senior toy poodle with many, many good years left. She is a true lap/companion dog, cries to be held and wants to be where you are. You will never be lonely again. Princess promises to be your forever friend. Her little sweater is included in the adoption. She was professionally clipped and groomed, thanks to Save a Life Makeover. I am pleased to say every pet who has benefited from professional grooming has been adopted. Consider giving to this worthy cause. It has saved many animals. 'Shasta' is a gorgeous black-and-white purebred border collie who is heartworm negative. She is quiet, friendly, and has a sweet, gentle personality. Please give these deserving pets a second chance at life.

Check us out on dyerhumane.org or petfinder.com and type 38024 zip. Don't forget to stop by The Pet Stop any day of the week to see a selection of shelter cats and kittens offered for adoption.

Would you like to make a difference in a shelter pet's life today? We need you and so do the pets. Call the shelter office at 285-4889 to discuss volunteer opportunities. Be a foster pet parent for a two-week period or longer. You will be saving two lives: the one you save and the one who takes its place. We are pleased to say we have a foster family for the 3-week-old longhaired kitten. The family plans to adopt the kitten after it reaches 6 weeks old. If you can't volunteer or foster, please donate dog blankets, bath towels, no-tears pet shampoo, sweaters for our small dogs and puppies, good-quality dog and puppy food, cat and kitten food, plus formula for both and pet bottles. The pets appreciate treats and toys, also. Please, no small toys because the dogs will choke. Also no bead eyes/noses, scarves, beanie babies, etc. Medium- and large-size stuffed animals/toys are needed. The babies love to cuddle with a soft, stuffed animal. We are completely out! Since we had a mild winter, fleas are very bad this year and we need Adams' Flea Mist for dogs/puppies and cats/kittens. We also need paper towels, office supplies, hand sanitizer, etc. We ask visitors use hand sanitizer before and after they touch pets. We make every effort to keep our pets disease free. As soon as pets arrive at the shelter, they are given their first round of shots if they are old enough.

Your donations are important to us. Our shelter doesn't receive any help from national organizations. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Your tax-deductible donation to our shelter will help only Dyersburg/Dyer County homeless animals. Many of these pets have been abused and neglected and all were unwanted for some reason or another. We have been helping homeless pets for over 30 years. Specify who your donation is to with complete address where notification or acknowledgment should be sent and your complete address. We will do the rest. Categories are: The Beagley Fund (heartworm treatment for shelter pets only), General Fund, Champ Lewis Fund (monetary dog adoption assistance), Save a Life Makeover (professionally clip and groom to make a pet more adoptable), Honorariums and Memorials. I would like to mention that every dog who benefitted from Save a Life Makeover has been adopted. Please mail your tax deductible check to the Dyersburg/Dyer County Humane Society, P.O. Box 223, Dyersburg, TN 38025-0223. Thank you for helping the animals.

Shelter hours are 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday through Friday and 9 a.m.-2 p.m. on Saturday. The shelter is closed to the public on Sunday. We are located at 1120 E. Court St. and phone number is 285-4889.