DCHS JROTC supports Veterans Day!

Thursday, November 29, 2012
At the beginning of the Highlands Nursing Home program, the DCHS JROTC presented the colors while Cadet Capt. Miranda Redden sang the national anthem.
The DCHS Color Guard consisting of cadets Corey Hendrix, Brandon Boyd, Colton Chaffin, and Austin Chilcutt present colors for the Fifth Consolidated Veterans Day program on Nov. 6 with about 20 veterans in attendance.

The Dyer County High School JROTC supported in a big way this year's Veterans Day by participating in the Fifth Consolidated Elementary School's Program conducted on Nov. 6, marching in the Veterans Day parade held in downtown Dyersburg, and providing a program for the residents at the Highlands Nursing Home on Nov. 12.

The Fifth Consolidated Elementary School requested the JROTC of DCHS to present the colors while one of their students sang the national anthem and yet another student led the pledge of allegiance. The colors were then posted by cadets Colton Chaffin, Brandon Boyd, Austin Chilcutt and Corey Hendrix. The program continued with the different classes singing patriotic songs to the assembled group of veterans. The veterans were then recognized and taken to a seat of honor by a student from Fifth Consolidated who happened to be the veteran's relative (granddaughter or son, nephew or niece, son or daughter, etc). The program concluded with a viewing of a video set to music of each of the veterans while they were in the service of their country. The colors were then retired by the DCHS Color Guard to conclude the program.

The DCHS Color Guard leads the Veterans Day parade in Dyersburg.
The DCHS JROTC Battalion awaits the playing of the national anthem during the Veterans Day parade in Dyersburg.

The Dyer County mayor requested that the JROTC Program provide the color guard for the Veterans Day Parade in Dyersburg as well as marching elements of the JROTC Program. The drill team and a platoon from within the battalion marched in the parade. The color guard stopped in front of the reviewing stand and presented the colors while the Dyersburg High School marching band played the national anthem. The color guard and the marching elements of the DCHS JROTC program continued on the route of the parade once the national anthem was complete. There were 48 cadets that marched in the parade who were complemented by many of the veterans when the parade was finished.

The DCHS Drill Team performs a simple routine for the veterans and residents at the Highlands Nursing Home.
Cadet Battalion Commander Cadet Lt. Col. Mitchell Roland provides heartfelt comments about what it means to him to honor veterans on Veterans Day.

The cadets' final Veterans Day opportunity came in the early afternoon as they went to the Highlands Nursing Home to greet the veterans there and to provide a small program for the residents. Again, the color guard presented the colors while Cadet Capt. Miranda Redden, a senior in the JROTC Program, sang the national anthem. Cadet Haley Wells recited the pledge of allegiance and then the Cadet Battalion Commander, Cadet Lt. Col. Mitchell Roland, provided some meaningful thoughts of what Veterans Day means to him.

"Veterans must make many sacrifices, and he understood the sacrifices, as he had lived some of those sacrifices while his dad served in the Navy for over 20 years," said Roland.

Veterans request a photo opportunity with cadets after the presentation by the drill team.

He concluded his remarks by thanking the assembled veterans for their sacrifices and service to their country. The drill team then performed a routine for the assembled group and at the completion of the routine greeted each of the veterans and thanked them for their service to our nation. The veterans there were very appreciative of the cadets coming to visit and provided a photo opportunity for the cadets who performed outstandingly well.

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