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New Trimble board sworn in by Sanderson, discusses potential sale of building

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rep. Bill Sanderson (center) swears in the new aldermen for the town of Trimble. The new board consists of four women and one man. The women are Laura Abernathy, Sherri Gorman, Carolyn Stark, and Donna Switzer. John Ivie is the only male on the board besides Mayor James Davis. From left: Stark, Abernathy, Sanderson, Switzer, and Ivie. Not pictured: Gorman.
The new Trimble Board of Mayor and Aldermen was sworn in on Monday evening by Rep. Bill Sanderson during its first official meeting since the November election. New to the board are Laura Abernathy, Carolyn Stark, and Donna Switzer. John Ivie and Sherri Gorman are the two remaining aldermen from the previous board.

Before the new aldermen took their places, Davis called the former board to order to discuss any business they might have had. Darlene Biggers and Lynalan Norville sat across from each other one last time as both chose not to run in the last election. The two said they enjoyed the time they spent serving on the board. Biggers also added that her decision not to run for alderman does not mean she won't return to politics.

"Maybe someday in the future I could see myself running as mayor," said Biggers. "That's my goal, but I just wanted to tell each one of you I have enjoyed working with you."

Ivie stated he appreciated Biggers for helping him as a freshman alderman and thanked her for her guidance.

Trimble Mayor James Davis (right) is sworn in by Rep. Bill Sanderson (left) during Monday evening's board meeting at Trimble city hall.
"Darlene was a big help to me and I appreciate that," said Ivie. "She has been a good board member and we are going to miss her."

Davis concluded the meeting by thanking the outgoing aldermen.

"On behalf of the town of Trimble we appreciate your services," said Davis.

Rep. Bill Sanderson then swore in Davis as mayor and then the new aldermen were sworn in. The new aldermen on the board are Laura Abernathy, Carolyn Stark, and Donna Switzer, who is also Davis' daughter. James Ivie and Sherri Gorman were the other two aldermen who remain from the previous board.

Sanderson congratulated the new board and wished them success.

"You will be rewarded because this town will keep moving forward," said Sanderson. "It will be a place for you and your children and grandchildren to grow up and call it home."

He also offered his services to the mayor and aldermen for any assistance they may need in the future.

The boardroom at Trimble City Hall was packed for the first official meeting of the new board of the Trimble Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Monday evening.
Davis told the board they should begin considering whom they would like to appoint as vice mayor and they would vote on the nominations at the upcoming January meeting.

"The vice mayor is going to have a little more responsibilities than they have been having," said Davis. "We are going to go by the charter."

Davis also said the aldermen would have an opportunity to present the names of attorneys they would like to be considered for town attorney. Attorney John Lannom is the current attorney for the town of Trimble.

Stark asked Davis about the building located on the corner of Obion and East Main Street that the city owns. Local entrepreneur Michael Ballard had approached the board about purchasing the building. Ballard, of the Full Throttle Saloon reality television series, is in the process of building a moonshine distillery on the site of the old gin at the edge of town on South Main.

City administrator David Norsworthy said since they own the building and are currently using the space to house city equipment they needed to look at building another similar building on city property.

Aldermen Lynalan Norville (left) and Darlene Biggers (second from right) go over the minutes of the last board meeting one last time with Mayor James Davis (second from left) and Alderman John Ivie (right). Norville and Biggers chose not to run for re-election last month. Roger Taylor, who lost his bid at mayor, was not present at the meeting. Davis said Sherri Gorman was absent due to a death in the family and he would swear her in sometime this week.
"We are getting estimates on what it would cost to replace what's there," said Norsworthy.

Davis said they are working on getting estimates on concrete work and for different types of buildings.

"Once we get those things together we will probably call a special meeting and get that information to you," said Davis.

Abernathy asked Davis if they were going to go with the dollar amount of a recent appraisal of the property. Davis said the appraisal was too low and they have been trying to get another appraiser, but it has been difficult to find one. He stated he had called five appraisers, but only one responded they could do the appraisal. However, it would be seven weeks before the appraisal could be done. Abernathy added that with the housing market the way it is they should be able to find an appraiser relatively easy.

"Even if we get a higher appraisal than what we've got, we are going to have to replace what's there," said Norsworthy.

Ivie said once all of the estimates for a new building were done, the city would have a better picture of what it needed to do to sell the property. Norsworthy said they also needed to keep in mind about what was going on in the town with the addition of the distillery.

Switzer suggested they should probably wait on getting another appraisal until they get all of the estimates in. Norsworthy said Ballard had talked about using the lot to put in a two-story "old country store". He also said Ballard might possibly build an exercise room, which residents could use when they wanted to.

Abernathy asked Davis what would happen to the beauty shop (who rents space in the building) if they sold the building and they transitioned from demolition to a new building. Davis said they would temporarily be relocated to the old barbershop on East Main Street.

Mayor James Davis hugs longtime Trimble Alderwoman Darlene Biggers after her final meeting on Monday evening. Biggers, who has sat on the board for 12 years, said she hopes to run for mayor of Trimble in the future.
Also, Abernathy asked about receiving information about the cost of moving the old tornado siren in town. Norsworthy said they were working on figures and might end up completely replacing it and moving it to the ball field at the elementary school. Norsworthy said he spoke with Dyer County Fire Chief James Medling who estimated the range of hearing the siren is 1 mile. He added the current siren being used in Trimble was built in 1935 and is a three-phase siren, which requires more wiring and maintenance. The new siren would only be a one-phase siren.

"So, if we could move it up there it would save us quite a bit of money," said Norsworthy.

Currently, a person must go to the siren in Trimble and hold the switch to turn it on. With the new one-phase siren, officials would be able to turn it on remotely.

Stark asked since they had not had a board meeting since September, would they have regular board meetings each month. Davis said it was at the request of the former board to not have a meeting if they did not have any business. Davis said it was his personal opinion they should meet on the first Monday night of each month. Ivie agreed and suggested each alderman drop by city hall before each meeting and speak with either Davis or city recorder Joyce Scobey about placing items on the agenda.

Stark requested having the agenda emailed to the aldermen, which Scobey said she could do. Scobey added the cutoff for items on the agenda is 5 p.m. on the Thursday before the Monday meeting.

Stark asked if the aldermen would receive a copy of the town's charter. Davis said the aldermen would receive a copy of the town's charter, the code of ethics, and their personnel policy. Switzer said it could be found on the University of Tennessee's Institute of Public Service website.

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