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What do you geek? Library takes part in national campaign

Thursday, January 16, 2014

What do you geek? Vampires? Beekeeping? Worms? Whatever your interest, McIver's Grant Public Library is encouraging its patrons to 'Get their Geek on' with an awareness campaign that is gaining national attention. Visit the library for a unique view of the community in the coming weeks -- and to learn about what the library can do to help you investigate your own interests. For more information on the national initiative, visit www.geekthelibrary.org.
What do you geek?

What interest speaks to your heart?

What hobby are you most passionate about?

Maybe you geek hip-hop, football or classic movies.

Maybe you are passionate about organic gardening, photography or volunteering.

Whatever it is that moves you, McIver's Grant Public Library is ready to be a part of it. The library will kick off the first full year in its new facility with an awareness campaign that is sweeping the nation.

The Geek the Library campaign offers local residents the chance to get to know the people in their community just a little better -- and to discover what their local library has to offer.

"In this campaign, our patrons are asked to tell us what they 'geek,'" said McIver's Grant Public Library Children's Librarian Lara Freidhof. "The campaign has turned 'geek' into a verb that replaces the word 'like.' If you are interested in a certain subject, you can come into the library and we can help you find more information."

The campaign will be ongoing for the next several months. Its goal is to educate patrons both on what is available for them at the library and debunk funding myths.

Signage and photos are already posted throughout the library.

In January, library personnel will take part in Geek Fridays, wearing stickers asking patrons "What do you Geek?"

An upcoming photo campaign will create a local version of the national campaign, asking members of the community to pose for a photo and share what they geek. The local photos will take their place on the art wall as the February exhibit.

"In February, we will also put out our Geek Boards," said Freidhof. "(On the boards), people from the community can share what they geek. You don't have to write neatly or use your last name, it is just a place to let people know what you are interested in."

The boards may offer patrons a chance to get to know their neighbors a little better, connect residents with like interests -- and allow the library to cater its collection to the interests of the community it serves.

"We can use this information to build our collection," said Freidhof. "To help us better serve our patrons."

For more information on the national initiative, visit www.geekthelibrary.org.

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