Etta B Pottery artist signs autographs at Hilltop House

Wednesday, December 9, 2015
Starting out with only 22 businesses that carried pieces from her signature collection, Brent Weathers, owner and creative talent of Etta B Potter, has now expanded her artistic enterprise throughout areas of the South. With pieces from her collection featured in magazines such as Southern Living, Weathers' work is rapidly becoming a household name.

Customers and pottery fanatics alike lined up at Hilltop House early Saturday morning to meet 'Etta B Pottery' owner and artist Brent Weathers. Making a special appearance from 10 a.m. -- 1p.m., Weathers was able to sign pottery from her newer and older collections, while becoming acquainted with those who have admired her work and creative talent for so long.

Having no lesser degree of enthusiasm to meet local admirers of her work than they had to meet her, Weathers radiated the sort of lighthearted and genuine demeanor that one might expect to receive when seeing an old friend for the first time in years, and her collections, being no less than an extension of herself, reflect these same adoring qualities.

"Etta B Pottery has developed some passionate collectors over the years and it was rewarding for us at Hilltop House to see them interacting with Brent. The response to her being in Dyersburg was overwhelming and we look forward to her joining us again," commented Hilltop House owner and operator Darlene Burks.

Brent Weathers, artistic talent and owner of 'Ella B Pottery', made a special appearance at Hilltop House last Saturday to sign pieces from her various collections for local enthusiasts.

While 'Etta B Pottery' may have sprouted up from meager beginnings, this artistically cultivated enterprise has been rapidly growing throughout the southern states, leaving in its wake a large following of admirers, and an even larger demand.

Initially spawned from Weathers' lifelong ardor for any and all things crafty, her collections display her extraordinary capability in creating unique and creatively infused products that are saturated with inspiration.

With each and every piece from her collection formed, glazed, and painted by hand, it is truly through the help and loyal support of her husband and staff, that Weathers has been able to achieve so much success in this line of industry.

While pieces from her more trendy collections, including cotton balls, crucifixes, and churches, have already become popular additions to many homes, Weathers has also launched her new, highly anticipated Christmas-themed collection.

Fans of Etta B Pottery lined up at Hilltop House early Saturday morning to get their signature pottery autographed by renowned artist, Brent Weathers.

Featuring reindeers, Santa Claus, gingerbread houses, and holiday plaid designs, this collection proved to be a hit among the large groups of pottery connoisseurs attending Saturday's event.

"I want to say thank you to Dyersburg for making me feel so welcome, and for expressing the warmth and hospitality that I have been shown since I arrived. We have had a great turnout today. I would like to extend special thanks to Darlene Burks for embracing me as well as my pottery collection. Over the years that we have done business together, Darlene has become a great friend of mine. We love working with Hilltop House and look forward to many years of success in the future," stated Weathers.

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