Now, thatís what I call a crowd

Saturday, February 4, 2017
Jason Peevyhouse, State Gazette sports editor

It has been building since the start of the season but much more so during the district season which began on Jan. 10 when the Trojans hosted Obion County.

And, it might not have even reached its peak yet, but I am proud to say that I have seen what is already being called one of, if not, the biggest crowd at a basketball game in the Terry Glover Gymnasium.

Just how big was this crowd, you ask? Well, when looking at the photograph to your right here atop the game story, I personally picked out several fans that I didnít even see at any point during the game.

Keep in mind how much ground a sportswriter can cover over the course of two full games, their halftimes as well as the time between the two contests, and the chances of having not seen several of these people are pretty low.

And, if you were going to pick a game for people who had not been to a game this year - and, from the increase in crowd size, that number was significant - this was the game to pick as the ďBlainetrainĒ slugged it out with Westview to take an 18-point win and clinch the top seed in the upcoming District 13AA Tournament.

All this and it was Senior Night for the Trojan boys, as well. If anyone deserves a night like this, it was these five guys who have worked so hard and taken their lumps to get to this spot and their deserved No. 3 ranking.

So, with the top seed in the tournament already in their pocket, there is always a danger of a team slacking off a little bit going into the final week of the regular season.

These are high school players weíre talking about. But, to be honest, thereís been something about this team all season and that leads this writer to believe head coach Blaine Mahaffey when he says he doesnít think there will be a letdown over the next two games for the Trojans.

After all, itís not like either of these games are gimmie games for the Trojans as South Gibson and Crockett County will be fighting for position in the tournament brackets as well.

Medinaís high school gymnasium is not a fun place to play so you can expect the Trojans to be ready when their final road game tips off on Tuesday.

Dyersburg will return home next Friday as they conclude their regular season against Crockett County - who, until this past week, were state-ranked. Again, there are as many cupcakes on the DHS schedule as my diet SHOULD have.

So, thatís another game you can expect the Trojans to be challenged in as, after all, the second trip through the district is always tougher than the first, especially with teams trying to lock up either the top two spots (though, those are pretty much spoken for) or the third and fourth seeds that host the first-round games.

A team does not get to 22-1 by overlooking their opponents and you can bet the Hornets are all that will be on the Trojansí mind until Tuesday at about 10. After that Crockett County will take that spot until Friday at around the same time.

I feel safe in thinking that I am right about that estimation.

Now, for something I really, really hope I am wrong about. ...

Super Bowl LI

Itís that time of year again when we come to the end of the football season.

After tonight, there really wonít be any meaningful real games until the middle of August when our local high schools and middle schools take to the field to begin their 2017 seasons.

But, thatís a few months away and the focus of the sports world will be on Houston tonight as the Atlanta Falcons take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI.

To be honest, this will probably be one of those Super Bowls for this writer where he is more interested in the commercials than the game itself.

And, thatís happened a couple times in the past. Even after spending most of my adult life in sports media, when sitting down to watch a game for enjoyment purposes, for me, there needs to be at least an emotional attachment (specifically being able to root for a team to win rather than the other one to lose) or a good storyline to follow (i.e. Peytonís last ride during last yearís game).

Still, like the majority of sports fans tomorrow night, I will sit down in my living room - most likely joined by my wife and a few of our fur babies - and watch as Brady and Belichick go for Super Bowl win No. 5.

And, yes, Iíll admit that is the storyline that should matter to me. And, as a lover of sports and history, something like that does.

However, this canít be stressed enough. I thoroughly hate the Patriots. To sum it up briefly, if the Titans donít make the Super Bowl (no snide comments, it has happened before), then my support will go to the AFC representative in the big game.

Unless itís the Patriots. That, my friends, is true disdain for a franchise.

However, that being said, when the confetti falls onto the field after the time has run out, expect the Patriots to win by a score of 38-24.

Keep in mind, I have been wrong the last two years and while I would love to see that streak end - to prove I can be right on one of these if nothing else - let me just say for the only time in my life: Go Falcons.

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