DCHS students receive $7.5 million in college scholarships during Honors Day

Thursday, May 18, 2017
Opening Monday morning’s DCHS Honors Day ceremony with a moment of prayer was student Abby Howell.



On Monday, May 15, the gymnasium of Dyer County High School quickly filled up as teachers, parents, friends, faculty, and supporters gathered together in celebration of the students who were recognized for collectively earning $7.5 million in scholarship funds.

Pictured above, DCHS Principal Laura Brimm is seen recognizing students awarded with Christine Shibley Scholarships.

Opening the ceremony was a Posting of Colors by the DCHS JROTC, and a welcome speech from Principal Laura Brimm, which was promptly followed by scholarship announcements.

Music for the event was provided for by the DCHS band.

Armed Service awards

Pictured above, DSCC President Dr. Karen Bowyer is seen recognizing one of 14 students who received a scholarship to DSCC during Monday morning’s Honors Day ceremony.

U.S. Army Enlistees: Cody Bolton, Elizabeth Cabral, James Crump, Michael Kirk, and Carley Troutt

Army Scholar Athletes: Paige Jones and Brian Hendrickson.

U.S. Army National Guard: Brian Hendrickson

U.S. Marine Corps enlistees: Ryan Alls, Shane Baucom, Bradley Fleming, Brian Hagins, Jenna Jaynes, Shae Kelley, Stephen Rigsby, and Bryce Smith.

High School Awards

Scholastic Excellence: Angel Nichols and Brett Canada

Distinguished Athlete: Anna Claire Lusk and Isaiah Ross

Musical Excellence: Anna Gorman and Jordan Hubbard

Collegiate Scholarships

Arkansas State University Cheer: Kayla Piskorski

Austin Peay State University: Matthew Wilbanks

Bethel University: Kayla Brogdon, Madalyn Dorse, and Haley McCalister

Bethel University Football: Ethan Hendren and Cooper Hurt

Crowley’s Ridge College Basketball: Nakeeva Brandon

Dyersburg State Community College: Aeon Davis, Mackenzie Garrison, Daryl Hatley, Allison Housewright, Tyler Jacobs, Angel Lawson, Michaela Lee, Lauren Long, Elijah Medford, Laurel Naifeh, Melea Sherron, Heather Switzer, Tori Webb, and Haley White.

Dyersburg State Community College Softball: Shelby Autry and Lauren Long

Freed-Hardeman University: Nicole Flowers

Lee University: Lauren Smith and Spencer Terry

Middle Tennessee State University: Abby Hikade, Tyler Johnson, Angel Nichols, and Adrianna McCann

Mississippi State University: Megan Armstrong and Abby Buck

Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Newbern: Callie Bates, Logan Behrens, Michael Busse, Harrison Clevenger, L.C. Gills, Ethan Jones, Danny Knowles, and Devon Pierce.

Tennessee Tech University: Heather Bertram

Union University: John Caleb Ball, Madison Garner, Cheyanne Harber, and Alexys Lee

Union University Basketball: John Caleb Ball

University of Memphis: Lindsey Maupin, Natalie Pleasant, Katelyn Smith, and Hunter Sipes

University of Memphis Cheer: Katelyn Smith

University of Mississippi: Paige Jones and Hannah Kent

University of Mississippi Baseball: Jordan Fowler

University of Portland: Ethan Yochum

University of Tennessee-Knoxville Pledge: Donald Edwards, Jameel Glenn, and Tyler Lewis.

University of Tennessee-Knoxville Volunteer: Brett Canada, Tyler Lewis, Anna Claire Lusk and Heather Nevills.

University of Tennessee-Martin:

Alanna Armstrong, Courtney Berry, Jada Bickers, Emm’ley Box, Lindley Brock, Olivia Childress, Nick Denton, Anna Gorman, Jordan Hubbard, Zach Jacobi, Callie Johnson, Angel Kirk, Lucas Lambert, Montana Parfait, Eryn Parker, Malaysia Patrick, Haley Petty, Chloe Rice, Will Studard, Jordan Welch, Shelby Welch, and Ethan Woods.

University of Tennessee-Martin Music: Anna Gorman and Jordan Hubbard

Walters State Community College Golf: Cade Evans

Business/Service scholarships

Alpha Delta Kappa Teachers Sorority: Madison Garner and Nicole Flowers

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority: Nicole Flowers

Burks Beverage ‘Most Valuable Choctaw’: Nicole Flowers

Christine Shibley Memorial Scholarship: John Caleb Ball, Heather Bertram, Abby Buck, Brett Canada, Nicole Flowers, Garrett Garner, Madison Garner, Tyler Johnson, Paige Jones, Hannah Kent, Angel Kirk, Michael Kirk Alexys Lee, Anna Claire Lusk, Lindsey Maupin, Adrianna McCann, Heather Nevills, Angel Nichols, Haley Petty, and Chloe Rice.

Class of 2006 Memorial Scholarship: Haley White

Community Resource Development: Shelby Autry, Audrey Bizzle, Lindley Brock, Tyler McGuire, Natalie Pleasant, Chloe Ramsey, and Chloe Rice.

DAR Good Citizen: Will Studard

D.B. Carter Scholarship: Madeline Bickford and Tyler Lewis

Dyer County Education Association: Hannah Kent and Anna Claire Lusk

Farm Credit Mid-America: Olivia Childress

First Citizens National Bank, DSCC: Harley Allen, Lanna Moore, and Brayden Paschal

First South Bank: Arthur Hamilton Scholarship: Heather Bertram, Nicole Flowers, Haley Petty, Natalie Pleasant, and Chloe Rice.

Greg and Selena Dozier Scholarship: Olivia Childress

Jon Coffman Memorial: Cooper Hurt

Kevin Edgin Memorial: Jacob Edgin and Garrett Garner

National FFA Scholarship: Angel Nichols

National FFA Scholarship: Angel Nichols

Newbern Rotary, Jimmy Flowers Scholarship: Paige Jones and Angel Nichols

Nicole Rae Incrocci Scholarships: Dominique Bernard, Brett Canada, and Darcy Poe

Nucor Steel Scholarships: Lindley Brock, Abby Buck, Dylan Clark, Hannah Kent, Jonathon Niemeyer, and Kayla Piskorski.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church: Lauren Long

The Hagan Scholarship Foundation: Haley Petty

Tri-County Farmers Equipment: Zach Jacobi

Trimble Lions Club: Paige Jones

Trimble Women’s Civic Club: Ashley Parker

Tyson Foods: Heather Bertram and Brittany Brasure

Zac Gulledge Scholarship: Hunter Sipes

High School Scholarships

FFA Chapter Scholarships: Tyler Lewis and Will Studard

FTA Scholarships: Thea Brockway, Lincoln Ennis, Nicole Flowers, Anna Gorman, Anna Claire Lusk, Haley McCallister, Will Studard, Carley Troutt, and Lashawnda Womack

LEO Club Scholarships: Kayla Brogdon

National Honors Society Scholarships: Hannah Kent, Kayla Piskorski, and Darcy Poe

Book Scholarships: Nicole Flowers, Chloe Ramsey, Isaiah Ross, and Will Studard

Nostell Priory Scholarship: Garrett Garner

ACT Wall of Honor Seniors (Act Composite-28 or above): Heather Bertram, Brett Canada, Noah Carter, Nicole Flowers, Jordan Flower, Emily Freeman, Garrett Garner, Jacob Hamstra, Brian Hendrickson, Jenna Jaynes, Tyler Johnson, Paige Jones, Hannah Kent, Angel Kirk, Michael Kirk, Alexys Lee, Tyler Lewis, Heather Nevills, Angelica Nichols, Haley Petty, and Carley Troutt.

Perfect Attendance Award: Kyleah Epps

Choctaw Scholars: Kailee Anderson, John Ball, Heather Bertram, Abbygail Buck, Brett Canada, Noah Carter, James Crump, Nicole Flowers, Jordan Fowler, Emily Freeman, Garrett Garner, Madison Garner, Brian Hendrickson, Jordan Hubbard, Jenna Jaynes, Tyler Johnson, Paige Jones, Hannah Kent, Angel Kirk, Michael Kirk, Alexys Lee, Tyler Lewis, Anna Claire Lusk, Lindsay Maupin, Adrianna McCann, Heather Nevills, Angelica Nichols, Haley Petty, Chloe Rice, Spencer Terry, and Carley Troutt.

HOPE Eligible: Lucas Lambert, Heather Langston, Alexys Lee, Michaela Lee, Tyler Lewis, Andie Lieblick, Lauren Long, Anna Lusk, Holly Mabry, Nicholas Martin, Makayla Mathieu, Lindsay Maupin, Haley McCallister, Adrianna McCann, Lauren McGuire, Tyler McGuire, Erika McVey, Elijah Medford, Lanna Moore, Christopher Mosley, Laurel Naifeh, Jonathon Neville, Heather Nevills, Angelica Nichols, Ashley Parker, Eryn Parker, Malaysia Patrick, Haley Petty, Sarah Piatt, Londan Pinkston, Kayla Piskorski, Natalie Pleasant, Darcy Poe, Grant Purvis, Patrick Ramirez, Chloe Ramsey, McKenzie Ramsey, Madison Redden, Chloe Rice, Benjamin Richards, Sherrell Rogers, Edgar Romero, Isaiah Ross, Destiny Scott, William Seamster, Melea Sherron, Michael Young, Zoey York, Ethan Yochum, Ethan Woods, Alana Wimberley, Scarlett Williams, Matthew Wilbanks, Haley White, Katie Wells, Shelby Welch, Jordan Welch, Johnna Watkins, Whitney Warren, Brittney Warren, Hannah Waller, Suzanna Wales, Travis Vaughn, Carley Troutt, Victoria Travis, Mallory TIvey, Spencery Terry, Madelin Sturgeon, William Studard, Colton Stewart, Jonathan Spudville, Matthew Sonnen, Trey Snodsmith, Lauren Smith, Katelyn Smith, Jonic Smith, Dominic Smith, Hunter Sipes, Zachary Simpson, and Hannah Shipley.

Tennessee Promise:

Megan Miller, Jaden Mims, Dawson Moody, Lanna Moore, Christopher Mosely, Jonathon Neville, Angelica Nichols, Ashley Parker, Eryn Parker, Kaycee Parnell, Brayden Paschal, Malaysia Patrick, Sarah Piatt, Devin Pierce, Londan Pinkston, Kayla Piskorski, Natalie Pleasant, Darcy Poe, Taylor Potts, Grant Purvis, Austin Pyles, Patrick Ramirez, McKenzie Ramsey, Madison Redden, Chloe Rice, Jason Rice, Benjamin Richards, Jacob Ries, Ja’quon Roberson, Madisyn Roberson, Latrell Rogers, Sherrell Rogers, Edgar Romero, Isaiah Ross, Shelby Rousch, Ryan Roy, Destiny Scott, Emillie Seat, Melea Sherron, Hannah Shipley, Zachary Simpson, Hunter Sipes, Dominic Smith, Colton Stewart, Chase Stovall, Cara Sweat, Heather Switzer, Vinson Taylor, Spencer Terry, Mallory Tivey, Victoria Travis, James Upchurch, Travis Vaughn, Suzanna Wales, Hannah Waller, Shelbie Walls, Sesiley Ward, Brittney Warren, Whitney Warren, Torrian Webb, Jordan Welch, Haley White, Alana Wimberley, Lashawnda Womack, Ethan Woods, Zoey York, and Michael Young.

Tennessee Scholars:

Harley Allen, Kailee Anderson, Kaylee Anderson, Megan Armstrong, Shelby Autry, John Ball, Courtney Berry, Heather Bertram, Jada Bickers, Audrey Bizzle, Emm’ley Box, Abbygail Buck, Dylan Burkett, Elizabeth Cabral, Brett Canada, Coltyn Capps, Olivia Childress, Hallie Davis, Sydney Douglas, Kyleah Epps, Nicole Flowers, Jordan Fowler, Emily Freeman, Garrett Garner, Madison Garner, MacKenzie Garrison, Jameel Glenn, Anna Gorman, Keaton Hays, Brian Hendrickson, Abby Hikade, Aly Hollingsworth, Allison Housewright, Jordan Hubbard, Nick Hurt, Jenna Jaynes, Callie Johnson, Staci Johnson, Tyler Johnson, Paige Jones, Hannah Kent, Angel Kirk, Michael Kirk Jr., Zack Lamb, Alexys Lee, Micaela Lee, Tyler Lewis, Lauren Long, Anna Claire Lusk, Holly Mabry, Lindsay Maupin, Haley McAllister, Adrianna McCann, Erika McVey, Heather Nevills, Angel Nichols, Ashley Parker, Haley Petty, Sarah Piatt, Kayla Piskorski, Natalie Pleasant, Darcy Poe, Grant Purvis, Patrick Ramirez, Madison Redden, Chloe Rice, Isaiah Ross, Hunter Sipes, Bryce Smith, Jonic Smith, Katelyn Smith, Matthew Sonnen, Johnathon Spudville, Will Studard, Spencer Terry, Victoria Travis, Hannah Waller, Brittany Warren, Whitney Warren, Katie Wells, Haley White, Matthew Wilbanks, Alan Wimberley, Ethan Woods, Zoey York, and Michael Young.

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