Trimble board OKs sanitation and gas increases, discusses public concerns over grass clippings

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Monday afternoon, the Trimble Board of Mayor and Aldermen convened for its regularly scheduled session. Items on the agenda included discussion regarding updates to the Peddler’s Permit and a proposal to increase the town’s gas and garbage/sanitation rates.

Opening the meeting, board members welcomed resident Eddie Crain, who voiced concerns over grass clippings being blown from yards and onto the streets and sidewalks.

Crane said the clippings presented safety concerns to those traveling on the sidewalk and roads, especially if wet.

“Grass has been blowing onto the streets. … I was coming down Parks Street the other day and it was being blown in on both sides and the street was covered, so are the sidewalks. If you get enough wet grass on there [street/sidewalk] it can become dangerous if you try to stop or car or something and more importantly, it just doesn’t look good. It rains and dries, and is just stuck there to the roads.”

Responding to Crain’s grievance, Trimble Mayor Jon McFarland discussed the Rubbish Ordinance, which requires residents to properly dispose of their debris, including yard clippings and limbs, in an appropriate manner. Trimble Police Chief Patrick Clayton will be issuing notice letters to resident failing to comply with the ordinance; however, those not compliant with the ordinance may face fines of $500 or more, as designated by state code.

“We are going to try and be as lenient as we can. We will send out letters and do face-to-face talks. We will do whatever we have to do to get this taken care of,” said McFarland. “Everyone will get treated the same. I don’t think we will have trouble addressing this issue.”

Members of the board made a motion to increase the current gas rate from $10 to $10.50, with a second motion approved to increase the garbage/sanitation rate from $16 to $16.50. According to City Recorder Christy Belonio, this is the first time since 2012 that the town has increased the rate on the sanitation.

McFarland stated the increase to be a necessary one, as the city’s expenses have also increased. Currently, Trimble is locked into a 5-year contract with waste solutions company, Republic Services.

Closing the meeting, board members made a motion to approve an increase in the cost of a Peddler’s Permit. In years past, a one-year permit was issued for only $5. As of Monday night’s motion, permits will now be available for a cost of $20. The lifetime of the permit will remain one-year.

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