On the Record

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Marriage Licenses

Shane Nelson Waller, 24, and Whitney Lauren Reynolds, 23

Stetson Reece Kirk, 30, and Amber Michelle Henson Henson, 27

Sheldon Lyndois Moore, 21, and Christen Renee Tucker, 21

Wesley Daniel Helton, 19, and Maria Ann Koontz, 24

Broderick De:Sean McGee, 35, and Constance Elaine McCrite, 23

Mathew Moody Ozment 3rd, 36, and Melody Dennis McGuire, 40

Brandon Rhoad Woodward, 23, and Katherine Faye Pierce Pierce, 22

Dylan Gary Durbin, 20, and Devin Teshon Cannamore, 22

Charles Nicholas Renfroe, 22, and Mary Kathleen Hess, 20

Chistopher EJ Moore, 24, and Brianna S Hailey Hailey, 24

Terry Dean Swope, 21, and Megan Jeanette Jones Jones, 22

Kevin Andrew McBride, 31, and Samantha Leigh Anne Butler, 28

Brain Paul Gilbert, 28, and Meghan Elizabeth Douglass Grotberg, 25

Divorce Granted

Regina Lynn Coburn vs. Randy Garrett Coburn

Georgia Hughes vs. Andrew Hughes

Shelley Renee Murphy vs. Blake Alan Murphy

Jonathan Greenhaw vs. Tina Greenhaw

Robert Troy Anderson vs. Ann Marie Anderson

Tommy Michael Parrish vs. Sharyn Kay Parrish

Scarlett Mann vs. Treylon Mann

Erica Ferguson vs. Eric Williams

Paul Spencer Hughes vs. Tonya Beth Hughes

Jennifer Carol Smith vs. Larry Dewayne Smith

Yen H. Pham Huynh vs. Dung V Huynh

Casey Lynn Brock vs. Kyle Thomas Brock

Dyer County General Sessions Court

Aug. 21

Terry J Cunningham probation violation, guilty plea continued 9/18/17

Mark Denzer domestic assault-aggravated, vandalism up to $1,000, continued 10/23/17

Jermaine A Bowen simple poss/casual exchange, failure to appear-misdemeanor, continued 8/28/17

Thomas L Bryant esp aggravated burglary-attempt, aggravated assault, continued 8/28/17

Mark Allen Garner poss of schedule II, continued

Lanoris Cordell Carter speeding, financial responsibility law, driving while license suspended-2nd or subsequent, continued in Federal custody

Mark Grooms vandalism up to $1,000, pay restitution

Britney Nicole Johnson simple poss/casual exchange, driving while license revoked, schedule II drugs, continued 8/24/17

Rebecca A Jones dui-1st offense, financial responsibility law, continued 9/7/17

Christopher Wayne Lee contra in penal facility, driving while license suspended-2nd or subsequent, continued 8/31/17

Brian Keith McNeely driving while license revoked-2nd, schedule VI drugs, schedule II drugs, seat belt, open container, financial responsibility law, driving unregistered vehicle on highway, failure to appear, continued 8/24/17

David L McNeely Jr use of stolen plates, alter/falsify/forge title/plate/assignment, continued 9/18/17

Randall E Reeves criminal trespass, continued 8/31/17

Greg Sanderson evading arrest, continued 8/28/17

Michael C Shelton community supervision violation continued 9/7/17

Craig S Sipes aggravated assault, vandalism up to $500, continued 8/24/17

Kimberly Young violation of order of protection/restraining order, continued 8/31/17

Aug. 24

Needa K Mallard dui-1st offense, simple poss/casual exchange, seat belt, financial responsibility law, drivers to exercise due care, dismissed

Needa K Mallard simple poss/casual exchange, $250 fine plus cost, 11/29 susp, 6 neg drug screens

Peyton E Walker open container, $50 fine, continued 9/18/17

Matthew Beasley probation violation, 15 days in jail, pay cost, extend probation

Erik S Fields Dui: 2nd offense, amend to 1st offense, $350 fine plus cost, 11/29 susp 30 days, 1 yr license revoked, dui school westate probation

Sandra Kaye Freeman theft of property $60,000 - $250,000-attempt, knowingly exploit an adult, continued 9/7/17

Mark Garner schedule II drugs, continued 8/31/17

Dennis Smith violation of restraining order, 11/29 susp to 5 days, pay costs, westate probation

Rebecca Johnson driving on suspended license, speeding, financial responsibility law, continued 9/11/17

Logan Rose aggravated assault, continued 8/28/17

Craig S Sipes aggravated assault, vandalism up to $500, continued 8/31/17

Stone R White aggravated assault, continued 8/28/17

Dylan Cain Bell seat belt-2nd or subsequent, DNA

Nicholas R Bland driver license to be carried and exhibited, window tinted, DNA

Ricky Miles Boyd Jr domestic assault, continued 9/14/17

Melanie Coleman domestic assault, continued 9/14/17

Lisa R Cherry speeding, continued 10/30/17

Albert Morris Crenshaw III vehicles/street cars stop at all stop signs, continued 9/25/17

Chase Alexander Crittenden speeding, continued 10/30/17

Anthony R Eaves registration expired, continued 9/25/17

Amanda J Evans financial responsibility law, continued 10/30/17

Amanda J Evans texting while driving, $25 fine plus cost

Crystal Hardin probation violation, 15 days in jail, extend probation, pay cost

Brian K Hawkins disorderly conduct, order signed for expungement

Shaft I Haynes registration expired, speeding, continued 10/30/17

Patrick A Hendrix speeding, continued 10/30/17

Peyton Matthew Henson aggravated burglary, FTA bench warrant

Madeline Byers Hess driving while license revoked due to conviction of dui, 6 mths susp 48 hrs, 6 mths license revocated

Barbara Jean Matthews speeding, DNA

Roger Moore vandalism up to $1,000, continued 9/18/17

Pamela Nolen driving without license, seat belt, financial responsibility law, continued 9/18/17

Paul Charles Ochoa following too closely, continued 9/25/17

Jeffery Lynn Patterson 3rd seat belt, DNA

Cassandra D Perry seat belt, dismissed

Billy R Reed Jr establishment of speed zones, paid forfeit

Christopher Robin Rhodes speeding, paid

Stephanie Lynn Romero speeding, continued

Christopher M Runions harassment, continued 3/18/18

Kristen Lynette Sebourn speeding, DNA

Lance David Smith texting while driving, continued 10/30/17

Gregory Scott Stapleton speeding, continued 10/30/17

Kellie N Stephenson speeding, drivers license to be carried and exhibited, continued 9/18/17

Brittany D White speeding, continued 10/30/17

Jacob Thomas Williams speeding, financial responsibility law, continued 10/30/17

Calvanek Rachelle Young speeding, continued 10/30/17