DC Coed takes third in nationals, second in world

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
The Dyer County High School Coed Cheerleading team finished in third place this past weekend at the UCA National Cheerleading Championships in Orlando, Fla. in the Large Varsity Coed Division. The team also took second place in the World Team competition.



While Dyer County’s Coed Cheer team fared well at this past weekend’s UCA National High School Cheerleading Championships in Orlando, Fla., the orange and white cheer squad was unable to add another white jacket to its resume as the team finished in third place in the Large Varsity Coed Division on Saturday.

Dyer County cheer coach Susan Campbell stressed the team gave one of its best performances in its history, but ran into tough competition from eventual champion Graves County and runner-up Bartow.

“I’m afraid the community is going to think that this is a down year for us because we didn’t win a national championship – as I hope they expect us to do,” Campbell said. “But, these were the best performances, in my opinion, of any Dyer County Coed squad.

“It just so happens that the judging panel on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. were just looking for something else that day. We are very, very proud of these kids’ performances and what they have accomplished this year.”

In the competition, Dyer County’s third-place finish comes from a field of ten teams which competed on Saturday.

On Sunday, Dyer County saw its three-year run as the World Team champions come to an end as the squad was unseated by Bartow following another tightly contested round of competition to place second out of two teams.

“On that day, Bartow High School – a wonderful program in Florida – had an extremely, technically difficult routine,” Campbell said. “They had more difficulty than we did.

“They were able to execute on Sunday. And, on Sunday, the way the score sheet is set up, they came out on top. We can’t argue with those results.”

Campbell shared what she hopes the outgoing senior members of the squad can take away from not only this year, but their entire careers with the program.

“One thing that I have said several times is you cannot go into a competition – or life for that matter – with the attitude of it’s first place or failure,” Campbell said. “Did we accomplish the goals we set? We really did except for coming home with those white jackets.

“The white jackets are like the icing on top of the cake but it’s really not what’s it’s all about. It’s about setting goals and coming together as a team. Working hard, perseverance, overcoming obstacles and meeting those goals. And, we did all of those this year.”

Campbell again stressed the coaching staff, including head coach Wendi Roberson, are very proud of the team for what it has accomplished this year.

As for the members of the squad who will return next season, Campbell said there are things she hopes they can take into next year from this year’s experience.

“Just because we have those four letters – Dyer – across our chest doesn’t mean we’re given anything,” Campbell said. “We have to earn our titles.

“I want them to realize, sometimes, that your hard work doesn’t pay off the way that you hope it will. But, it is still worth the effort.”

Campbell said though the kids were disappointed, head coach Roberson told the kids their only competition was themselves.

“Did we go out there and do what we hoped and planned to do?” Campbell said. “The answer is absolutely yes.

“We are so proud of that performance. We want the whole world to see that performance and they will when it’s on ESPN. These kids, even though they did not receive the reward they wanted, it doesn’t mean they are still not going to benefit from the work they put in.”

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