Getting ready for spring seasonís second month

Saturday, March 31, 2018
Jason Peevyhouse, State Gazette sports editor

It feels like during the spring time this column in the paper has a lot of space dedicated to me talking about the weather.

So, letís go ahead and enter ďtoo much rain memeĒ into your google machine and that should get us covered this week without me heading that direction.

Now, with that and hopefully rain out of the way for the immediate future (though, I am not holding my breath on that one), today marks the beginning of the second month of the spring season.

Spring sports are unique in that teams in these sports with the exception of track play more games than most other sports in a much shorter amount of time as April is the only full month in this portion of the prep sports year.

Itís no wonder there are some tired looking legs as May begins - only to hopefully get re-energized by the start of the postseason.

Between today and the fifth and final Monday of this month, we will learn a lot more about our teams and their chances for success in the month which follows this one.

There are a few things I am looking forward to seeing in April.

Here are just some of the games and storylines I am looking forward to seeing and writing about.

1. Can Dyer Countyís softball team make the strides they need to which will get them ready to make a serious run at a second straight trip to the state tournament? I think so, and maybe set themselves up for a title along the way in May.

2. One game to look forward to - Dyersburg vs. Westview softball (April 17 in Martin). Personally, I bet the Lady Trojans win the rematch.

3. DHS head coach Chris Messer said the Trojans can still run the table in district and wind up hosting in tournament action. Honestly, this may be a long shot, but one which a healthy Trojan team could attain. Baseball is a funny sport.

4. A two-game set to keep an eye on - Dyer County vs. Brighton (April 23-24, at Brighton then Dyer County).

With this, it could decide the regular season district champion and top seed in the postseason tournament. A must-see for sure.


Finally, let me take this time as someone who was born on an Easter Sunday - but has yet to have another birthday fall on the day when the bunny visits - to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Easter.

May the bunny bring you plenty of chocolate or at least a fun and happy Sunday with the ones you love.

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