Residents plant flowers in potholes in protest of road conditions

Sunday, April 8, 2018
An unknown resident/s of Dyer County expressed their sentiments regarding the large pothole located near the exit of Arby’s, which has remained unfixed since early this year. The hole was discovered Tuesday morning, April 3, filled with potting soil and flowers. The pothole is one of two located on Mall Loop, with the other positioned near the exit drive of Taco Bell (below).
State Gazette photos/ Rachel Townsend


Since early 2018, many Dyer County residents have found themselves darting around two noticeably large potholes located on Mall Loop Road, near exit driveways of Taco Bell and Arby’s, property which is owned by Action Properties, a company based out of Yazoo City, Miss. -- the same company which also owns the Dyersburg Mall.

On Tuesday morning, April 3, the potholes were found filled with potting soil and flowers, a display symbolizing the community’s less-than-thrilled sentiments toward the road’s damaged condition.

While these recent antics have served as a sort of punch line on local social media pages, many residents have become restless while awaiting repairs, and have voiced concerns over the state of the road not only to Ford Construction, but to the management staff at Arby’s, who claim customers whose vehicles are damaged by the potholes often mistakenly direct their complaints to them, unaware that maintenance of the street is really the responsibility of the Dyersburg Mall.

Reaching out to Action Properties owner, A.G. Helton, regarding the street’s condition, State Gazette was informed that Action Properties has every intention on fixing the property, and has contracted the job to Ford Construction.

On Thursday, April 5, Ford Construction owner John Ford told State Gazette the company will not be able to acquire asphalt to begin the project until sometime next week, as asphalt plants typically shut down during the long winter months, not opening again for business until early or mid-April.

Ford stated the company has only recently entered into discussions with the Dyersburg Mall regarding repairs to the road. Contingent upon formal agreement, Ford will begin making improvements to the roadway immediately. In the meantime, residents are urged to use caution when traveling on Mall Loop Road.

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