At the Shelter

Thursday, April 12, 2018

“Brutality to an animal is cruelty to mankind - it is only the difference in the victim.” — Alphonse de Lamartine, French writer, poet and statesman.

Jade Orkid

The Shelter spring surge has started with a census of 55 – 13 more than last week. Most of the new residents are mixed breeds. Mixed breeds are often healthier than pure breeds; they seem to get the best of all the breeds in their DNA. A mixed breed may not start out with a regal look, but many are super cute and have a great personality. The shelter also received a few seniors. These seniors have spent a life with a family and crave having a family again. There are many reasons for abandoning a senior and rarely is it because of a problem with the dog. Even though you may have a senior for only a few years or months, you will have made a great deal of difference for that dog.


The Shelter staff has started wearing matching uniforms and ID badges, very snazzy. This is one of the Shelter updates. If you have not visited the Shelter for a while, come and take a look at all of the improvements, especially odor control.


The Shelter now has a waiting list for kittens. Hurray! If you are thinking about adopting a kitten, get your name on the list then check this article or tour the Shelter until one comes available.


Plans for Bark in the Park (May 12) are moving along. There will be forms for vendors and contests such as best rescue in next week’s State Gazette. Even if you don’t have a dog to bring, plan to participate. There will be games for kids, good food, face painters and many dogs to love on.


Gunner and Rusty are two yellow labs. Gunner is a senior and Rusty is a youngster. Labs are super family dogs. (Rusty is not pictured.)


Jade Orkid is a lovely red and white female cat. She has medium length hair which will require regular brushing. She has golden eyes and is a beauty.



Suzy is a black and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix. She is medium-sized and quite fetching. (Gregory could be described in a similar way except he is a male and is gray and white. He is not pictured.)

Dog is a large Pit Bull Terrier mix. He is white and has lop ears.



Some dogs are so “mixed” that their heritage is hard to determine. Several have come to the Shelter this week. So here are some of the new Mixed Breeds:


Cinamon is a tan female. She is large and loving. Check out the look she is giving one of the Shelter staff.


Mortimer is a medium-sized young, black male. He has amazing hair that makes him a real cutie.


Cage is a large tan male with a white muzzle and toes. Cage is an older dog but not yet classed as a senior.


Isabelle is a small white female. She is perky with her pointed ears and inquisitive look.


Sammy is a medium-sized young fellow. He has coloring similar to a yellow lab and a sweet look.


Peter is a small young, male. He is dark brown with a white chest.


Eliza is a small young female. She definitely has terrier in her mix. With the right grooming she could pass for a Schnauzer.


Amelie is a small young female. She looks to have some hound DNA. Her legs look a little like a bassett.


Bullett is a large young male. His coloring is awesome; it looks like a Siberian tiger. UM grads take a look.


Beast is a large young male. He is dark tan and white with greenish eyes. His name has nothing to do with his attitude.


Copper is a young coppery male. His head looks somewhat like a dachshund, but he is taller than that breed.


Bonnie is a prim young lady. She is slate gray and white – a real looker.


Loula is a small young female. She is brindle and white and looks sad. Help make her day by adopting her.

Tramp is a small young male. He is black and white and looks a bit like a shepherd with his medium length coat.

Roscoe is a small male. He is colored like a German Shepherd. He seems ready for petting.

Einstein is a small male, probably a Chihuahua mix. He is tan and white with black accents. Einstein, like many small breeds, is feisty.

Blondie is a young white female. She is medium-sized and much smarter than her name would imply.

Trinity is a medium-sized tan female. She is buff colored and ready for a buddy.

Leo is a medium-sized young boy. He could easily pass as a black Labrador.

Penny is a puppy who will probably grow to medium-sized. She has coloring like a German Shepherd.

See these pets and many others on or and type 38024 zip. If you are a Facebook fan please like and share our shelter page, Dyersburg, TN Share for Rescue. The more exposure the animals receive the better the chances for adoption. Stop by The Pet Stop any day of the week to see a selection of shelter cats and kittens offered for adoption.

We are a 501(c)(3) non profit and appreciate any and all donations. Specify who your donation is for with complete address where notification or acknowledgment should be sent and your complete address. We will do the rest. Categories are: The Beagley Fund (heartworm treatment for shelter pets only), General Fund, Champ Lewis Fund (monetary pet adoption assistance), Save a Life Makeover (professional clip and groom to make a pet more adoptable), Nicole Rae Incrocci Memorial Fund, Honorariums and Memorials. Please mail your check to the Dyersburg/Dyer County Humane Society, P.O. Box 223, Dyersburg, TN 38025-0223. Thank you for helping the animals.

The shelter is open to the public Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Closed to the public on Sunday. We are located at 1120 E. Court St. in Dyersburg and phone number is 731-285-4889.