The pads will pop as Week 1 is in less than a month

Saturday, July 21, 2018
Jason Peevyhouse, State Gazette sports editor

Itís been about eight months since weíve had real football action that will have a true bearing on future events.

Sure, weíve had spring practices for both high school and middle school teams here locally, but thatís a creature all of its own.

Personally, I have never completely understood the purpose of full-contact spring practice. And that goes back to my days suiting up and playing the sport itself.

Think about it, players come off anywhere from three to five months away from the normal day-to-day grind of football practice. Now, for two weeks, roughly, these young men put on the pads and knock each other around. Personally, it seemed just as my body was getting used to the beating, itíd be time to take a few more months off.

Wouldnít surprise me if the way teams do their spring football is something that is examined next.

But, getting back to the here and now, this upcoming week begins the sprint to Week 1 and the long 11-week, 10-game regular season which follows and decides who earns the right to play in the playoffs (an over-simplification, mind you, but thatís the real reality).

In what has become a yearly journey to the alma mater of their head coach, the Dyersburg Trojans will travel to Lexington for the yearly three-year scrimmage with the Tigers and Lewis County.

Both Lexington and the Panthers were eight-plus-win, second-round playoff teams in 2017.

Trojan head coach Bart Stowe always talks about how learning to win on the road is very important and his black and gold team will get a good test right out of the gates in five days.

Dyersburg will also be on the road next week when the Trojans travel over to Gibson County to face Milan in a battle of former Region 7 rivals.

Meanwhile, not so far away from home, Dyer County will open its preseason on the road in Jackson when the Choctaws take on the University School of Jackson in their first scrimmage.

Likewise, the Bruins are a traditional power in West Tennessee and in Division II in general.

Dyer County will be tested early this week as well as next week when the Choctaws welcome Brighton to town for their second scrimmage.

Itís hard to believe two weeks from this Friday is the jamboree and three Fridays from now the games will count for real.

Every year it seems like the summers fly by faster and faster and itís Week 1 before we know it.

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