Progress is the name of the game for teams in preseason

Saturday, August 4, 2018
Jason Peevyhouse, State Gazette sports editor

Week two of the TSSAAís football preseason is in the books now and weíre getting closer to that all important Week 1 matchup to get things underway for real.

Wait, if thatís Week 1, would that make next week Week -1 and this Week -2?

I am using the B.C./A.D. logic here so itís not like using math or anything, which sometimes my qualifications can be called into question.

Anyway, getting back to the important things and away from my straying off into the secondary somewhere, there are two things a team really wants to accomplish during the second week of the preseason, especially when the season opener is just a fortnight away (not to be confused with Fortnite for our younger demographic who may be tuning in).

Leading the way, one of the main goals is and always should be to stay healthy.

That seems like a given but you can be sure a coachís stress level stays high during this time of the year when the last thing they or their players need is to have a member of the team go down with an injury.

Whether it be temporary or season-ending, no one wants or needs that and it can rip away any momentum a team might be having at this point in the preseason.

The second thing is just as simple and logical as you want to see some measure of improvement from the first to second scrimmage.

Itís just like during the regular season when your goal is to be a better team each week than you were the previous seven days.

Getting to stick close to home in the preseason has become a rare thing here for both schools with Dyer County playing at home in the weeks leading up to Week 1 for the first time in the David Whittle era.

Choctaw fans who made their way to the stadium in Newbern on Friday night should not have been disappointed as Dyer County looked better than they had in Jackson the week before.

While Dyer County could have done a few things better on offense, the defense looked strong and were able to keep the Cardinals off the board for much of the day. The main thing was eliminating that big scoring play which the Bruins benefitted from seven days earlier. Itís still the preseason and there is still a ways to go before things get real in Week 1, but Choctaw fans are most likely hoping this trend of improving week to week will continue into the season and on from there.

The preseason wraps up in five days and we have two jamborees locally. So, go out and support one or both teams. Canít complain about the drive.

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