On the Record

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Dyer County General Sessions

March 7

Jim Adams- DUI: 1st offense, driving while license suspended, reckless driving, implied consent- misdemeanor, speeding, financial responsibility law, continued

Peyton Bailey Canada- assault- attempt, 11/29 susp to time served, no contact, pay cost, probation

James R Clark- reckless endangerment- deadly weapon involved, jail docket

Corey Allen Coker- reckless driving, evading arrest flight- vehicle, simple poss/casual exchange (marj<1/2 oz or 14.175 grams), poss unlaw drug paraphernalia uses & activities, jail docket

Michael B Ford- DUI: 2nd offense, drivers to exercise due care, continued

Paul C Glascoff- habitual traffic off- driving while restriction in effect, continued

William L Lake- driving while license revoked- 2nd or subsequent- over years,habitual traffic offender, driving on rdwys laned for traffic, continued

Jerrard Long- driving while license suspended, light law- motor vehicle, financial responsibility law, continued

Jonathan M McCaslin- driving while license suspended, speeding, financial responsibility law, failure to appear- misdemeanor, continued

Justin W Peevyhouse- DUI: 2nd offense, driving while license revoked- 2nd or subsequent, drivers to exercise due care, jail docket

Crystal P Rhodes- probation violation, failure to appear- misdemeanor, FTA, BENCH WARRANT

Kristin B Shirley- speeding, continued

Richard Smith- failure to appear- misdemeanor, jail docket

Richard Smith- reckless endangerment- vehicle/flight, evading arrest flight- vehicle, evading arrest, resist, stop, arrest, search (no weap), jail docket

Richard G Smith- simple poss/casual exchange- meth, jail docket

Richard G Smith- driving unregistered vehicle on highway, financial responsibility law, drivers to exercise due care, driving while license suspended, leave scene of accident- property damage, jail docket

Anton McKenzie Taylor- driving while license suspended- 2nd or subsequent, failure to appear- misdemeanor, continued

Shelly L Walker- speeding, registration expired, DNA

Adrienne Welch- probation violation, FTA, BENCH WARRANT

Jannel Shantea Winters- disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, continued