On the Record

Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Brasker Lavar Bonds, 42 and Tasha Jo King, 39

Nicholus D Angelo Thompson, 28 and Melissa Ann Harris, 37

Andrew Lynn McCulloch, 31 and Tiffany Jo Jackson, 30

James Wesley Cooper, 54 and Audrey Hoskins, 54

Jimmy Dustin Davis, 30 and Brittany Lashay Lumley, 25

David Edward Dunn, 24 and Hanna Shay Henson, 23

Kenneth Bradley Martin, 22 and Nylah Shay Wilson, 22

Jonathan David Poore, 27 and Kalie Paige Hawks, 24

Criminal Court

Aug. 5

Michael L Alley- seat belt, $30 fine

Nicholas Todd Altken- speeding, cont

Zachery B Bates- assault-attempt, cont

Kimberly House Bonifer- speeding, cont

Caleb Daniel Burnine- speeding, cont

Amy Elizabeth Cambron- speeding, cont

Bobby Ann Craven- speeding, cont

Cary B Crews- speeding, paid

James R Deason- following too closely, $25 fine + cost

William Patrick Fielder- speeding, cont

Garret Alan Grays- move over law, $100 fine + costs

Robert Tyler Grimes- speeding, cont

Brice Nathan Grissom- speeding-commercial vehicle (under 15 mph), cont

Debra L Hall- seat belt, $30 fine

Tawasha Antice Harris- speeding, cont

Pamela J Hooper- compulsory school attendence-penalty, judicial diversion, pay costs

Joshua Linden Hughes- agg. Assault, false imprisonment, vandalism >1000<2500, simple poss/casual exchange (marj <1/2 oz or 14.175 grams), poss unlaw drug paraphernalia uses & activities, failure to appear, cont

Joshua Steven Johnson- speeding, DNA

Mark Anthony Owens Jr.- drivers to exercise due care, DNA

Kevin Joe Lewis- speeding, DNA

Keith A Martinez- assault-physical contact, cont

Mitchell Moore Jr.- speeding, paid

Omar J Moore- speeding, paid

Robert Taylor Nicodemus- speeding, DNA

Michael R Ohara- speeding, DNA

Chandra H Patel- speeding, cont

Haresh Kumars Patel- speeding, DNA

Sureshkumar R Patel- move over law, $25 fine + costs

Phelp Terashun Pearson- speeding, $25 fine + costs

Steven L Permenter- speeding, cont

Faith J Readus- speeding, cont

Clara Jeanette Rieber- speeding-commercial vehicle (15 mph or more over), $25 fine + costs

Sequindrua L Robinson- speeding, cont

Asia Amari Torry- speeding, cont

Dillon C Tucker- DUI: first offense, speeding, cont

Deangelo Antwan Walker- driving while lic rev, 6 months susp 48 hrs, $50 fine + costs, 6 months lic rev

Zachary P. Walton- probation violation, cont

Tavoris D Watkins- speeding, financial responsibility law, cont

Tavoris D Watkins- driving while lic susp, cont

Kemiya Q Williams- speeding, cont

Troy B Williams- speeding, DNA

Ryan Binkley- failure to report, 30 days, cont

Aug. 8

Gene L Burpo- driving unregistered vehicle on highway, light law-motor vehicle, financial responsibility law, leave scene of accident-property damage, vehicle entering hwy from private road or driveway, cont

Kayla Chappell- worthless checks- >1000<2500-att, FTA Bench warrant

Vanessa Cooper- driving without license, obedience to any required traffic control device, registration expired, financial responsibility law, failure to appear-misdemeanor, cont

Ismael R Estrada- driving while lic rev, 2nd or sub, financial responsibility law, cont

Johnny Lee Etheridge- domestic assault, cont

Etta M Hall- speeding, financial responsibility law, driving while lic susp, failure to appear, cont

Steve Robert Jackson- speeding, $25 fine + costs

Heather M Sanders- following too closely, driving unregistered vehicle on highway, financial responsibility law, cont

Jorge Sebastian- domestic assault, cont

Kelly Jane Sebastian- domestic assault, cont

Aug. 12

Tony W. Anderson- habitual traffic off-driving while restriction in effect, cont

Joel Lawrence Ashford- driving while lic susp, speeding, cont

James Robert Chandler- domestic assault, bench warrant

Dawn Michelle Davis- simple poss/casual exchange (marj <1/2 oz or 14. 175 grams)- att, 11/29 susp 48 hrs, $250 fine + costs, drug screens

John B Edwards- driving without lic, paid

Dallas Flowers- domestic assault, cont

Pamela Hillsman- worthless checks-up to 1000, 11/29 susp upon cost and restitution

Sarah Nicholle Ivey- speeding, paid

Deshawn T Johnson- driving while lic rev (2nd or sub) due to conviction of DUI, 11/29 susp 45 days, 100 fine + costs, 1 yr lic rev, westate prob,financial responsibility law, failure to appear, pay costs, 10 days

Thomas J Jones- seat belt, financial responsibility law, cont

Matthew K Daniel- window tinted, seat belt, financial responsibility law, cont

Gidget Ann Lawrence- DUI: second offense, implied consent-misd, cont

Helen Shelby Ozment- speeding, light law-motor vehicle, registration expired, cont

Travis W Parker- speeding, seat belt, window tinted, cont

Lyndsay A Reasons- false reports-attempt, driving on wrong side of the road, cont

Tamika Sumlin- speeding, DNA

Noah B Thacker- speeding, $50 fine + costs

Dillan Thomas- driving without lic, cont

Kenneth D Thomas- probation violation, cont

Christian Alberto Valenzuela- window tinted, DNA

Charlie L Vestal- false reports-attempt, false reports-consp, cont

Tracy M Walker- speeding, $5 fine + costs