On the Record

Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Samuel Lee Burnham, 57 and Heidi Marie Childress, 39

David Allan Smith, 52 and Michelle Denise Turner Oreman, 49

Preston Scott Hargrove, 28 and Charity Lenea Reeves, 27

Joe Patrick Owen, 65 and Patricia Ann Stewart Weatherly, 64

John Albert Bond, 40 and Laniesha Nicole Green, 26

Criminal Court

Aug. 22

Ania Claire Carpenter- drivers to exercise due care, leave scene of accident-property damage, cont

William R Clayton- driving without lic., financial responsibility law, driving unregistered vehicle on highway, FTA-bench warrant

Bradley J Dallas- assault-physical contact, cont

Demarcus Orlando Davis- Dui: first offense, implied consent-misd, simple poss/casual exchange, driving while lic susp, drivers to exercise due care, cont

Byron Kent Depriest- speeding, cont

Michael L Harris- speeding, cont

Joshua Linden Hughes- aggravated assault, false imprisonment, vandalism>1000<2500, simple poss/casual exchange (marj <1/2 oz or 14.175 grams), poss unlaw drug paraphernalia uses & activities, failure to appear, cont

Deangelo Duran Liggons- domestic assault, cont

Daniel McCaig- community supervision violation, driving while lic rev, 2nd or sub, cont

Brandon Matthew McCaslin- speeding, DNA

Hunter Perkins- domestic assault, cont

James Adam Pugh- speeding, DNA

Thomas Hayden Quillions- speeding, $50 fine + costs

Jonathan David Riley- dpeeding, cont

Jeremy Gerdo Robertson- speeding, DNA

Norberto None Rodriguez- speeding, cont

Jeremiah Smallwood- domestic assault-agg., cont

Craig Allen Thurmond- driving while lic rev 2nd or sub, FTA

Rocky Thomas Vauhan- simple poss/casual exchange, DUI: second offense, cont