On the Record

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Dyer County General Sessions

March 5

Joey Lynn Balentine- driving while license susp, physically hold/support telecommunication device- bench warrant

Curtis Dewayne Banks- driving while license susp-2nd or subsequent- 04/13/20250 10am

William G Barnes- speeding- 04/06/2020 10am

William G Barnes- driving while license revoked- 04/06/2020 10am

Rae Ann Bell- domestic assault, failure to appear- 50 fines/costs, 11/29 susp to time served , 10 day susp , no cost

Jordan Kyle Burnette- driving while license susp, driver license-address req within 10 days, seat belt-18 and older, financial respon law- bench warrant

Holly Campbell- speeding- 04/30/2020 driving sch

Edward T Davenport- registration expired, financial respon law- 04/06/2020 10am

Alicia Dell Davis- speeding- 50 fines/costs

Barbara Lee Dean- failure to yield right of way- 5.00 fine/costs

Shana Eaves- compulsory school attendance-penalty- 04/06/2020 1:30 trial

Jordan Ray Hart- driving while license revoked(2nd or sub)- due to conviction of dui, improper passing(must pass safely), financial respon law- FTA- bench warrart

Heather L Hil- speeding, Tn license-30 day residency- 05/04/2020 10am

Austin Lynn King- drivers to exercise due care- 04/06/2020

James K Kramer- speeding- 04/30/2020 driving sch

Chelsea B Ladd- following to closely- 25 fines/costs, 04/06/2020 10am

Stacey Lemons- domestic assault- 04/16/2020 1:30pm

Christina Lashun Moore- speeding, driving without license, child restraint children ages 9-15- 04/06/2020 10am

Jeremy S Moore- driving while license revoked- 04/06/2020 10am

Mario M Ramirez Nieto- seat belt-18 and older- 30 fine

Jeffery Wayne Ray- driving while license susp, failure to appear- amend to no dl, pay costs 196.00, 10 days plus costs

Delvecchio Redmond Jr- driving while license susp, seat belt-18 and older, financial respon law- 04/23/2020 trial

Delvecchio Redmond Jr- probation violation- 04/30/2020 1:30pm trial

Demetria Ann Robinson- speeding- 04/30/2020

William Virgil Sanders- speeding- sch zone- 25 fines/costs

Annette Shavon Wells- speeding- 5.00 fines/costs

William Gene Wideman- domestic assault- 04/16/2020 10am

Chad H Wilson- contra in penal facility- 05/11/2020 1:30pm

March 9

Sarah E Criswell- dui: second offense, sch IV drugs: mfg, del, sell, poss, driving while license revoked- 04/09/2020

Paris A Dean- speeding- 50.00 fines/costs

Bradley Floyd- assault-physical contact- 11/29 susp to time served, no cont w/victim, 64 fines/costs, 50 hrs of community service

Quentel Dewon Harris- speeding- 50.00 fines/costs

James L Hutson- following to closely- DNA

Sajuana None Reyes- speeding- 04/30/2020 driving sch

Jerry D Riggs- simple poss/casual exchange-meth, failure to appear, driving while license revoked- FTA

Candedice M Smith- financial respon law- 04/09/2020 pay costs

Tina M Tarble- drivers to exercise due care- 04/30/2020 driving sch

Chrisy Lashea Terry- driving while license revoked, registration law, financial respon law, unlaw use of telecommunication device while driving- 04/09/2020

Jason E Vaughn- unlawful use of telecommunication device while driving-DNA

Haley Michelle Webb- dui: first offense, driving on rdwys laned for traffic- 04/09/2020

Marum Washington- 15 days revoked report date 04/09/2020 6pm

March 12

Fallon Breanea Baker- driving while license susp-2nd or subsequent, drivers license to be carried and exhibited, seat belt -18 and older, financial respon law, failure to appear- 04/09/2020

Jasmine Marrie Carruthers- obedience to required traffic control device- 04/30/2020 driving sch

Joey None Milton- speeding, driving without license- DNA

John Hatley- criminal trespass- no contact w/victim, 09/14/2020

Cynthia Haynes- cumpulsory school attendance-penalty- 04/09/2020

Anthony R Jackson- speeding, drivers license to be carried and exhibited- fta bench warrant

William Lester Johnson- allow dogs to run at large-bodily injury- 11/29 to time served, 148.34 to the humane society

Savanna D Kirkpatrick- drivers to exercise due care- 04/30/2020 driving sch

Harold Dewayne Neace- drivers to exercise due care, financial respon law, DNA

Glen T Nielen- speeding, financial respon law- 05/04/2020 10am

Charles E Powell- poss weapon- convicted felon, sch II drugs: cocaine<1/2 gram: drug free zone, sch VI drugs: drug free zone- 04/09/2020 10am

Earl Harvey Prater Jr- sexual offender registration form contents required- 03/23/2020

Jacob C Presley- sch II drugs: mfg, del, sell, poss, sch IV drugs: mfg, del, sell, poss, financial respon law, drivers to exercise due care- 04/13/2020

Craig Allen Thurmond- driving while license revoked-2nd or subsequent- fta bench warrant

Craig Allen Thurmond- bench warrant

Denise R Weston- speeding- 04/30/2020 10am