Newbern to immediately operate under COVID-19 protocols

Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Prior to the completion of Tuesday afternoon’s Newbern Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, City Recorder Jason Roberts noted a Newbern city employee had developed symptoms of COVID-19, though a positive diagnosis had yet to be confirmed.

“We believe that we have a positive case of coronavirus in the City of Newbern. The employee was tested this morning,” Roberts stated. “I’m asking you to send half of the City Hall staff home right now if you don’t want to close the front lobby doors. If you want to keep those doors open, I’m going to have to get my people out of there incase someone at the front goes down. With your approval, I’d like to do this quickly.”

After discussion of whether to leave City Hall open or closed to the public, the decision was made to return to the prior COVID-19 protocols; however City Hall would remain open and operate with limited staff. Additionally, those who enter Newbern City Hall would be required to wear a facemask. Hand sanitizer would also be available.

The protocols would be effective immediately, and Roberts said signs would be posted of the mandatory facemasks Tuesday afternoon.

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