Results from Herb Welch Wrestleplex

Monday, June 17, 2024

“Gametime” James Elliott defeated The Convict via pinfall

In the Alvino’s Pizza match of the night, Wild Thing defeated Wonderboy Jr. via pinfall in a Young Guns Division match

Jayson Perez defeated Mr. Meal Ticket, “Big” Cody Sawyer via pinfall

Payton “Pee Wee” Pitts defeated Blitz via pinfall in a Young Guns Division match

AIWF World Heavyweight Champion, “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony defeated Kee Awesome via pinfall

In the C&C Pharmacy Main Event, Mid South Tag Team Champions, The Mega Masks and Unified World Heavyweight Champion, “The Reelfoot Saint” Brandon Ray defeated David Jason Rose, The Uber Destroyer, and Tyler B. Jordan via pinfall

Coming this Saturday night, June 22 at the Herb Welch Wrestleplex

Shoot to Thrill

C&C Pharmacy Main Event

Tyler B. Jordan vs “Gametime” James Elliott

We will hear from Thud Powell

Return Match

“Big” Cody Sawyer vs Jayson Perez

David Jason Rose vs Mr. Mid South II

The Uber Destroyer vs The Yellowjacket

Pee Wee Pitts vs “Triple Play” Tommy Boy Jones

Young Guns Division Triple Threat Match

Blitz vs Wild Thing vs Wonderboy Jr

$5 General Admission

Pro Wrestling Mid South, Bell time is 7:30 p.m. every Saturday night at the Herb Welch Wrestleplex (1827 St. John Ave in Dyersburg).

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