Keep your eyes on the road

Friday, July 5, 2024
Bryan Golden is the author of ĎDare to Live Without Limitsí

You would never attempt to drive your car with the windshield painted black. Nor would you expect to keep your car on the road by looking out every window but the front one. But how many people attempt to get through life by looking in every direction except forward.

Distractions are everywhere. There are the distractions of the past. You think about the things you did but shouldnít have done. Then there are those things you didnít do but feel you should have. Additionally, there are the bad experiences you may have had.

Being distracted by the past is like trying to drive forward while looking out the rear window. Unlike your car, life has no reverse gear. Since you can never go back to the past, itís a waste of time and energy to fret about what could of, should of, or would have been. Learn from the past, donít get caught up in it.

Other people are another distraction. Rather than watching out where you want to go, you pay attention to what others say, think, or do. This takes your attention away from where you want to be going. Since itís human nature to seek approval, you can be susceptible to what others think about you.

You alone are the driver of your life, not someone else. You are responsible for your happiness and well being. Paying attention to other people is no different than listening to back seat drivers. Although everyone has an opinion as to what you are doing, it is only you who is ultimately accountable for your life.

It doesnít matter what someone else has or what they have achieved. Each person is unique. No two situations or circumstances are identical. Life is not a contest where you are compared to someone elseís accomplishments. Itís essential for you to understand what your goals are. Then you must take the necessary action to reach them. If you listen to someone who disparages your dreams, you will crash.

At times, you may be tempted to take what appears to be the easiest route. Unfortunately, this course will not take you to your destination. The path of least resistance is a dead end. Anything worthwhile takes effort.

There are no shortcuts. Cutting corners never brings you to a desirable destination. Your route must never harm others. In order to get what you want, you have to help others get what they want. Unethical behavior will ultimately harm you. Any appearance of quick gains is only a delusion. Attempting a shortcut will inevitably get you into a wreck.

You canít pick up hitchhikers. As much as you may want to, you canít make someone else successful. You can help or assist others, but you canít take them with you. Each person must reach their own destination due to their efforts. Those who are given a free ride will not appreciate where you have taken them. Additionally, they wonít be able to remain where you drop them off. Ultimately, they will wind up back where they started.

To reach your destination, pay attention to where you are and watch the road ahead. The only direction is forward. You canít revisit where you have been. When the weather turns bad, or the road is rough, slow down. If your car breaks down, get it fixed.

If you get lost, ask directions only from someone who knows how to get where you want to go. Ignore any back seat drivers. Your journey may seem to take longer than you thought. Just keep going. If you stop, you will never get there.