Tiptonville getting a mural honoring the American flag and Reelfoot’s eagles: the “Freedom Silo”

Wednesday, July 3, 2024
Artist Farley Lewis and son Andrew with the American Eagle themed “Freedom Silo”

Special to the State Gazette

A historic 90 feet tall concrete grain silo is the canvas for an impressive American flag and eagle mural, located on Highway 78 in Tiptonville, painted by renowned muralist Farley Lewis and his son, Andrew. This project began with the collaboration of America’s Muralist, Raine W. Clotfelter, and Katrina Greer, Director of Reelfoot Lake Tourism Council. Greer’s combined love of Reelfoot Lake, history, preservation and tourism prompted her to research the possibility of promoting tourism and retail development at the Reelfoot Lake area using the silo as a landmark. Upon seeing Raine Clotfelter’s Freedom Silos in Monette, Missouri and Madison County, Ohio, Greer invited Raine to visit Reelfoot Lake and the Tiptonville Silos. The planning of Freedom Silo 3—Tiptonville was set in motion.

The silo project began with the collaboration and planning with Tiptonville Mayor Cliff Berry, Jr, Reelfoot Lake Tourism Council Board members, and the Tennessee Department of Tourism Development. Reelfoot Lake is home to over 90 eagle nests, and this inspired Raine’s design of the American flag and eagle mural on 70 feet by 80 feet of the 90 feet silo. Farley Lewis was then commissioned for the painting.

An award-winning artist, Lewis has left his creative mark on America through captivating murals including mural work for Bass Pro Shops, since 2007. He has painted murals in Africa, the Middle East, Canada, Mexico, and all across the USA. In January 2018, Farley stepped away from his role as a pastor to heed the call of beauty. His art celebrates nature—the ultimate masterpiece—and reveals something of the divine artist’s heart. Farley’s vibrant silos connect rural communities through art and through inviting travelers to experience America’s scenic wonders.

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