On the Record

Tuesday, July 9, 2024


City of Dyersburg

Cynthia R Pierce- Drvng while Lic Rev, Fail Drvr Stop Sceen Acc Inv Injury, Immediate Notice, FRL

Maddison Riley Beach- Domestic Asslt

James Ernest Benthal- Fail to use Trn Signal

Jashawn T Branch- Spdng, Drvng without Lic

Jason Branham- Drvng without Lic- 25 fine and cost

Tanequa L Bruce- FtA, DUI, Implied Consent, Seat Belt, Light Law, FRL

Mikeal Deason- Dom Asslt, Resist stp, arr, srch

Lisa Eubanks- Dom Asslt, Crim Impersonation, Seat belt

Tara L Gerdis Omalley- Drvng while Lic Susp

Marshall Harris- Crim Trespass, FtA

Tina Marie Hernandez- Drvng while Lic Susp

Sabrina A Johnson- Prob V

James Tyler Kratz- Seat Belt

Kaylin Nicole Middleton- Simple Poss

Chara Emon Moore- Due Care

Lannie Mosier- Drvng while Lic Susp

Ryan Omalley- Unlaw removal of Reg Tag, FRL, Drvng without Lic

Molissa A Pickett- DUI, Seat Belt, FtA

Juan Espindola Ramirez- Due Care, Drvng without Lic- 30 fine and cost

Anthony Phillip Zaca- Prob V


City of Dyersburg

Danny J Dorse- Drvng while Lic Susp, Seat Belt, Drvng Unreg Vehicle, Light Law, FRL

Stephen Cager Evans- Spdng

Julie Ann Holland- Drvng while Lic Susp, Spdng, FRL

Caitlynn M Kirk- Drvng Without Lic, Reg Exp, FRL

Jacqueline Kirk- Cruelty to Animals

Adron L Mallard Jr.- Drvng while Lic Rev, Drvng Unreg Vhcl on Highway, Light Law, FRL

Jarvis Emanuel Moten- Prob V

Mackenzie Myers- Drvng while Lic Susp, Obedience to Trrafic Cntrl, Open Container, Reg Exp, FRL

Daniel Powell- Sex Offndr Reg Form V

Kristen Nichole Prince- Use of Telecom Device while Drvng

Leth Safi- Use of Telecom Device while Drvng- 25 fine and cost

Brayden D Sumner- Move Over Law

Craig Thurmond- Criminal Tresspass, Smple Poss

Keona Lavette Turner- Failure to Yield Right of Way

Kevin Tuttle- Dom Assult

Rene Velazquesz Ortiz- Spdng, Drvng without Lic

Lucas Manuel Walls- SeatBelt- 30 fine

Brittney Nicole Webb- Drvng while Lic Susp, FRL, Due Care

Daniel Webb- DUI

Aaron P Wengstrom- Dom Asslt

Joshua Lee Wilson- Stp at All Stp Signs, FRL- 5 fine and costs

Joshua Lee Wilson- Due Care, FRL

Robert Allen Wright- Drvng on Rdwys Laned for Traffic- DS