Gloria Johnson Visits Bus Stop Cafe for Meet & Greet

Wednesday, July 10, 2024
Gloria Johnson Visits Bus Stop Cafe for Meet & Greet

On Wednesday, July 3, the Bus Stop Cafe in Dyersburg hosted a meet and greet for state senate candidate Gloria Johnson. The event was well-attended. Johnson's goal is to visit all 95 counties in Tennessee prior to the November election.

She faces two opponents in the August primary to become the Democratic candidate running against Republican Marsha Blackburn in November.

During Johnson's dialogue, she spoke about issues all Tennesseans are facing including gun control, abortion restriction, school vouchers, and Medicaid expansion.

Johnson currently serves in the Tennessee House representing District 90, including Knoxville. She is a former special education teacher, a passion that led to her desire to improve public education in Tennessee.

Access to affordable healthcare and gun-control are a few of her other passions. Stated by Johnson during her visit on Saturday, “We don't want to take your guns for personal safety or hunting, but assault rifles are a tragedy waiting to happen.”

Johnson takes no money from lobbyists or special interest groups, choosing instead to rely on small donors who believe in her vision for a better Tennessee, including the middle class and working poor. Johnson was a member of the "Tennessee Three" who were sanctioned after the shooting at Covenant School in Nashville. She was the one and only of the three who did not lose their seat and continues to strive for change in our state political system.

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