School year starting soon, but Trimble’s Hamilton Parks Library is still a hub of activity

Thursday, July 11, 2024
Hamilton Parks Library recently received a technology grant from the State of Tennessee
State Gazette photo/William Northcutt



School might be starting on August 2, but Trimble’s Hamilton Parks Library is still going strong with activities for children—and plenty of reading and other activities for adults.

Director Brittany Shaver Pearson said, “Right now, we are wrapping our summer reading program. We have a celebration at every end of summer reading to reflect on all the books that the children read and fun times we have had this summer.” She added, “This year we are planning on doing a pizza party with the kids, a craft, and games. We also give away the prizes the children get for meeting their reading goals they set at the beginning of the program. Each goal is tailored to each child.”

She noted, “On July 16th at 3:00 P.M., the library is having Reelfoot Lake State Park come in and do a program with the kids about animal pelts and identifying different furs, [with a] special surprise ready for the kids at the end.”

Hamilton Parks Library, with much work by and help from board member Angie Ballard, has an active outreach program, has taught American Sign Language, tutored students, and performed a variety of other services.

Hamilton Parks is what Shaver calls a “a little library with a big heart” and offers cozy reading nooks, a community puzzle, computer terminals, and the latest books for readers of all ages. And throughout the year, other programs are designed for the community and others are designed to help students with learning. For example, the library’s reading programs have improved area children’s reading scores on the TCAP’s, helping those students transition into the next grades.

In June, Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett and State Representative Rusty Grills presented the library with $2,714 toward tech projects.

Library Board Chairman Jason Mathis noted then, “[The state] is confident in us that we have a strong library.” He also said that the library is looking toward hosting content creation programs, a sign that the library is stretching beyond traditional library services and into the contemporary world for their patrons/

For the short term future, Shaver said, “We are planning on doing a little break [from the reading program] at the end of July. She added, in August, we will be gearing up our programming again for our Trimble Elementary students and kick back in our Homework Help program, which utilizes the library’s resources to help our students. We show the students how to use Tennessee Electronic Library to help with their research and homework and help to enhance computer literacy skills.”

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