Family dog saves young girl and grandmother from house fire

Wednesday, July 10, 2024
6-year-old bulldog Hank saved the lives of his family after a fire broke out in the home. Pictured here, Hank is seen with Kaitlynn.
State Gazette photo/ Rachel Townsend


At approximately 7 a.m. July 9, Dyersburg firefighters responded to a call on Bishop Street, where the lives of an 11-year-old girl and her grandmother had been saved from an otherwise deadly electrical fire after being alerted to the danger by the family dog, Hank.

“If it wasn’t for the dog, we would all be dead,” said Janet Hunt, who was asleep in the home with her granddaughter Kaitlynn when the fire erupted.

According to Captain Jay Cryer, Kaitlynn was asleep on the couch when Hank began barking to wake her up. Rising from sleep, she noticed the couch and part of the living room floor had caught fire and alerted her grandmother.

Hunt said the Dyersburg Fire Department responded to the call within minutes and was able to save the residence with the exception of some damage to the living room and furniture.

“They’re very lucky,” said Cryer. "This could have ended a lot differently had it not been for Hank.”

“Hank saved the day,” Kaitlynn said.

Hunt and Kaitlynn told State Gazette that they were taking Hank out for a special ice cream treat at Dairy Queen to show their thanks.

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