On the Record

Wednesday, September 25, 2019


Sean Patrick Kotalik, 44 and Christi Leigh Blue Holland, 44

Jeffrey Lynn Jetton, 61 and Paula Jean Jordan, 61

Robert Blackwood Adams II, 32 and Lydia Michelle Chase Penrose, 30

Shawn Eric Westmoreland, 36 and Alayna Mechelle Barnhill Nevels, 33

Logan Addison Parker, 30 and Brittney Nicole Burress, 26

Chip Dalton Goodrich, 59 and Madonna Marie Sanders, 43

Jason Dale Atchison, 40 and Corey Lynn Aylsworth Macdonald, 36

Damein Omar Armstrong, 34 and Carlettie Jana Lee, 30

Michael Douglas Wilson, 42 and Angela Jean Sanford Wilson, 53

Joseph Bradley Powell, 36 and Tabatha Jo Delosh Riley, 35

Criminal Court

Sept. 16

James Robert Chandler- domestic assault, 11/29 susp 10 dyas, pay costs, westate prob.

Mitzi H Davis- speeding, cont

Travis Lee Davis- registration tazes for frieght motor vehicles, cont

Estilla Marie Dorse- driving on rdwys laned for traffic, cont

Angeles Michelle Dragunaitis- speeding, cont

James Finch Jr.- speeding, driving without lic, cont

Jonathan Harris- speeding, cont

Herman Henry Harthcock-speeding, cont

Pamela Hillsman- worthless checks-up to $1,000, FTA bench warrant

Joshua Linden Hughes- agg. Assault, false imprisonment, vandalism >1000 <2500, simple poss/casual exchange (marj <1/2 oz or 14.175 grams), poss unlaw drug paraphernalia uses & activities, failure to appear

Nicholas Edward Johnson- speeding, paid

Corbin Aron Lee- seat belt, paid

Eugene A Lippard- seat belt, paid

Adron L Mallard Jr.- evading arrest (risk of death)- attempt, driving while lic rev, reckless driving, obedience to req traffic control device, jail docket

Jennifer N Parnell- speeding, $5 fine + costs

Amy S Patterson- seeat belt, paid

Kristie Ramsey- domestic assault, cont

Kristie Ramsey- accessory after the fact, cont

Angie Lynn Riddick- accessory after the fact, cont

Heather Marie Scott- speeding, cont

Angelia K Shawver- cruelty to animals, $700 animal hospital, 11/29 susp, no domestic animals for 1 yr, no cost $550 to humane society

Anton McKenzie Taylor- driving while lic susp 2nd or sub, failure to appear misd, dismissed upon cost

Holly D Walker- speeding, financial responsibility law, cont

Tavoris D Watkins- speeding, financial responsibility law, cont

Tavoris D Watkins- driving while lic susp, cont