On the Record

Tuesday, November 5, 2019


James Ronald Todaro, 53 and Tanya Rose Buerk, 38

Robert Anthony Pearson, 29 and Brittany Michelle Shawver, 28

Derek Blake Sims, 29 and Jennifer Elizabeth Lane, 25

Michael Aaron Bates, 30 and Christen Elaine Wilson, 28

Jeremy Eugene Frye, 41 and Lydia St. Clair Sneathern Castleman, 40

Paul Christopher Selwitz, 28 and Ashley Marie Lumley, 28

David William Popp, Jr, 29 and Krystle Dawn Jarrett, 32

John Michael Hendrix, 41 and Kimberly Dean McEntire Hammonds, 45

John Caleb Haddock, 25 and Autumn Kaitlyn Parker, 24

Connor Ryan McIntire, 23 and Callie Beth Elgin, 22

Joseph Blake Hemphill, 35 and Cortney Carol Moore, 33

Criminal Court

Oct. 14

Austin T Bryan- theft (up to $1000)- cont

Christopher Byars- driving while lic rev, seat belt, financial responsibility law, FTA

Jennifer M Dorse- failure to appear, cont

Jennifer M Dorse- driving while lic susp, seat belt, drivers to exercise due care, child restraint-under 4, cont

Dallas Flowers- domestic assault, cont

Jacob Michael Hicks- speeding, cont

James Lumpkins- registration expired, commercial drivers lic req, cont

Juanita M Moore- retailer sale of alcohol to minors, cont

Hunter Perkins- domestic assault, cont

Joan A Rose- allow dogs to run at large-bodily injury, cont

James Thomas Ruffin- driving while lic rev, 4th offense, vehicles/streetcars stop at all stop signs, cont

Curtis Ray Saxton- DUI: first offense, $350 fine + costs, 11/29 susp 48 hrs, 1 yr lic rev, DUI school

Craig Allen Thurmond- driving while lic rev- 2nd or sub, cont

William Gene Wideman- domestic aslt, cont

Michael Theodore Williams- obedience to any req traffic control device, DNA

Robin Warden- vandalism under $1000, bench warrant

Oct. 17

John Scott Bushart- driving while lic susp, 6 months, susp ts, pay costs, $30

Emily Grace Collier- evading arrest flight-vehicle, 11/29 consecutive to Newbern case, pay cost

Crystal Hardin- escape-permit/facilitate-fac, cont

James Allen Jackson- escape (felony), cont

Michael Sering-driving while lic rev, ext probation, 6 mths susp 48 hrs, $50 fine + costs, financial responsibility law, pay costs

Steven M Stewart- domestic aslt, agg aslt, amended to no violent contact order, restraining order still in effect

Tammy L Viar- schedule I Drugs: mfg, del, sell, poss, 11/29 days to do 45 days, $750 fine and costs. Probation, drug screens

Raymundo Carrizal Awna- drivers lic to be carried and exhibited- re susp lic

Rae Ann Bell- domestic aslt, bench warrant

William L Bolton Jr- driving while lic rev, speeding, cont

Robert Tyler Chesser- domestic aslt, cont

Eddie Earl Copeland- driving while lic susp 2nd or sub, cont

Travis Lee Davis- registration taxes for freight motor vehicle, cont

Justin Dutton- drivers to exercise due care, fine + costs, westate prob

Shana Eaves- compulsory school attendance-penalty-cont

Timothy E Enochs- speeding, driving school

Stacey Lemons- domestic aslt, no cont w/ victim

Brandon Lamare McKnight- speeding , driving school

Erika Michelle McVey- drivers to exercise due care, $25 fine + costs

Angela M Neal- allowing unlic driver to drive, DNA susp notice to state

Clifford Nicholson- vandalism >1000<2500, agg criminal trespass, bench warrant

Lydia Denise Peet- speeding, $25 fine + costs, westate prob

Steven Lee Previtt- speeding, driving school

Austin R Reyolds-driving while lic susp, resist stop, arrest, search (no weap), cont

Rhonda Sue Stafford- dog running at large, bench warrant

John P Sturdivant Jr- domestic aslt, child abuse/neglect/endangerment, bench warrant for his arrest

Dillon C Tucker- DUI: first offense, 11/29 susp 48 hrs, drivers lic rev, for 1 year, $350 fine + costs, DUI school

Brady Renae Ward- speeding, driving school

Oct. 21

Jamie L Anders- speeding, $25 fine + costs

Lauren M Aydlotte- drivers to exercise due care, paid

Thomas Lynn Barnett- seat belt, $55 fine

Cindy D Borden- domestic aslt, cont

Charles Clarence Brown Jr-driving while lic susp 2nd or sub, financial responsibility law, drivers to exervise due care, 11/29 susp 20 days, 1 yr lic rev, pay costs

Timothy Wayne Bryant- DUI: first, drivers lic-add req within 10 days, seat belt, drivers to exercise due care, cont

Demarcus Orlando Davis- DUI: first, implied consent, simple poss/casual exchange, driving while lic susp, drivers to exercise due care, cont

Jaxson Lynn Fagan- following too closely, cont

James Finch Jr- speeding, driving without lic, cont

Wynter Nicole Fisher- speeding, paid

Paul C Glascoff- habitual traffic off, cont

Christopher W Gourley- child restraint children ages 9-15, driving without lic, financial responsibility law, cont

Brice Nathan Grisson- speeding-commercial vehicle (under 15 mph), cont

Shauna Hartford- criminal impersonation, 11/29 susp 48 hrs, pay costs, westate probation

Dorothy Henning- seat belt, cont

Jeremy S Herren- driving lic to be carried and exhibited, paid

Eddie Holland Jr- driving while lic susp, cont

Eddie Holland Jr- seat belt, child restraint children ages 4-8, financial responsibility law, physically hold/support telecommunication device, cont

Kateidre Shanise Holmes- registration expired, cont

Ivory Lahella Jenkins- probation violation, cont

Joey Dewayne Kirk- speeding, cont

Susan R Krauss- tn lic 30 day residency, registration expired, driving while lic susp, cont

John Wesley Lamb- obedience to req traffic control device, paid

Justin Nathaniel Lewis- hunt/fish/trap/ no lic or stamp, paid

Natasha Nicole McRay- speeding, financial responsibility law, $ 25 fine + costs

Marcus Dwayne Mitchell- driving unregistered vehicle on highway, light law-motor vehicle, reckless driving, financial responsibility law, seat belt, cont

Justin Bryant- domestic aslt, cont

Randall Lee Permenter- seat belt, drivers lic to be carried and exhibited, registration, cont

Kristies Ramsey- acc after the fact, cont

Effie Helen Randaul- driving while lic rev, child restraint children ages 4-8, financial responsibility law, cont

Elizabeth Richard- seat belt, paid

Elijah E Rome- notice of change of address, financial responsibility law, improper turn, driving while lic susp, failure to appear, FTA

Logan Rose- driving while lic rev, cont

Ashley N Russell-financial responsibility law, drivers to exercise due care, driving while lic susp, cont

Michael Screws- domestic aslt, FTA

Garrett Cole Short- hunt/fish/trap/no lic or stamp, DNA

Keaton L Stafford- registration expired, financial responsibility law, physically hold/support telecommunication device, cont

Christian Seth Stringfellow- hunt/fish/trap/ no lic or stamp, paid

Sallie Shaw- disorderly conduct, 30 days susp 48 hours, pay costs

Anton McKenzie Taylor- drivers lic to be carried and exhibited, failure to appear, cont

William Bernard Taylor- speeding, cont

Kenneth D Thomas- probation violation, FTA: bench warrant

Tiarra Oneasha Thompson- drivers to exercise due care, cont

Ashley N Tolley- Dui: first, seat belt, unlawful use of phone, drivers to exercise due care, cont

Holly D Walker- speeding, financial responsibility law, cont

Tokunbo Akin Walker- seat belt, DNA

Zachary P Walton- probation violation, failure to appear, cont

Tavoris D Watkins- speeding, financial responsibility law, cont

Tavoris D Watkins- driving while lic susp, cont

Christoper Blake Weldon- speeding, cont

Jaclyn Westmoreland- worthless checks-up to 1000, paid