Local Dixie Youth, Cal Ripken leagues suspended until April

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

With cancellations filling the sports landscape from the professional ranks all the way down to the high school and middle school levels, the concerns of the COVID-19 virus have begun to effect local youth leagues as the Dyersburg Dixie Youth and Newbern Cal Ripken leagues have postponed activities through the end of the month.

A statement released on Monday on the Newbern Cal Ripken Facebook page read:

“Due to city and county schools and all extra curricular activities being cancelled until April 1st the league will be postponed until April as well. That also means no practice we still intend on having a full season I apologize for any inconveniences.”

Similarly, the Dyersburg Dixie Youth Baseball league will not see action now into April as league president Jason Reed said they will be going along with Dixie Boys Baseball's decision to immediately suspend regular season play.

Dixie Boys Baseball released the following statement on their website late last week:

“Based on the fact that a growing number of states are now closing schools, Dixie Boys Baseball recommends that leagues immediately suspend regular season Dixie Boys Baseball practice and/or play. Many of our participants are now involved with their school teams and thus fall under a directive or individual state mandate. Other communities have received instructions from their local governing authorities. For any Dixie Boys Baseball, Inc. local league that is seeking further guidance our organization will reevaluate the health situation on April 4th and then decide appropriate recommendations for either resuming, starting or further delaying play for the 2020 season. We will offer more information through continued updates.”

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