New visitor screening technology utilized at Dyersburg Hospital

Friday, July 10, 2020

Special to the State Gazette

Jackson, Tennessee – Effective July 10, 2020, new screening technology will be in place to enhance safety for patients, guests, and employees at West Tennessee Healthcare Dyersburg Hospital and at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital (JMCGH). The new technology will not impact how a person checks into facility as a patient for treatment.

What’s Changing?

Under the new process visitors will present to the screening station and will be asked for a photo ID to be scanned and entered into the visitor management system along with the name of the person they are visiting. Visitors will have their photo made. The visitor will then receive a printed, personalized badge that includes their photo and the room number of the patient they are visiting. The badge should not be passed on to anybody else, to ensure security in the facility for patients, guests, and employees.

Photo ID Information Saved

Visitors' photo ID and information will be saved in hospital visitor database to speed up the process for return visits.

When Visitors Leave the Hospital

When visitors leave the hospital, the badge will be scanned again to indicate that the visitor is leaving the facility. Visitors must check out to ensure that future visitors for their specific patient will be able to check in. This allows the hospital to keep track of how many people and which individuals remain inside the building. In case of an emergency, this enhances the safety of visitors.

General Visitation Policy

Regular visiting hours will be from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm each weekday at JMCGH and 6:00 am to 8:00 pm at Dyersburg. These hours may vary by department and on weekends. Please visit for detailed visitation guidelines.

At 8:00 pm, the doors will be locked and there will be no re-entry into the building. Dyersburg does not allow overnight visitors with the exception of visitors with Obstetrical, Pediatric, Neonatal ICU, or end of life patients.

Patients arriving prior to 8:00 am for surgery or a procedure at JMCGH may have one visitor accompany them.

Currently, JMCGH only allows one visitor per patient at a time. Dyersburg allows one designated visitor during the entire stay, which may only be changed with prior approval.

Two visitors will be allowed per patient in the Neo-Natal ICU. End of life patients may be allowed a limited number of visitors.

No minor children under the age of 18 are allowed to visit.

Please visit or call 731-541-5000 to find out the latest information about this new technology.

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