On the Record

Tuesday, May 18, 2021


Brittany Nicole Bruner vs William Pyne Bruner

Kayla Breanne Parker vs Travis William Parker

Amanda Marie Conti vs Stephen Richard Conti

Leslie Lynn vs Christopher Lynn

Tremayne Anceo Emerson vs Samantha Lynne Emerson

Christopher G Hayes vs Emily Ruth Hayes

Rhonda Michelle Rea vs John Michael Rea

Kimberly Nicole Dew vs Stephen Wade Dew

Nathan Jared Campbell vs Mariah Michele Campbell

Cynthia Bryant vs Gregory Bryant

Erica Jo Durham vs Daniel Shawn Durham

Joan Navesis Clark vs Ivy Nelson Clark

Dawn Preslar Carter vs Lyndel Shayne Carter

Gena Patterson vs Derek Patterson

Paul M Buckner vs Wendy Gale Buckner

Fontez Alexander Merrifield vs Amber Marie Merrifield

Bradley Wigdor vs Shelby Wigdor

Dyer County Court

April 22

Austin Lee Bennett speeding, paid

Jada Alley Bickers speeding, paid

Amy Bivens theft up to $1,000, sched II drugs: mfg, del, sell, poss, vandalism - >$1,000 - <$2,500, poss unlaw drug paraph uses and activities, bindover

Jordan Kyle Burnette driving w/ lic susp, driver lic address req within 10 days, seat belt 18+, f.t.a.(2 counts), cont.

Jeffrey Glen Davis speeding, unlawful removal/ alteration of reg tag, cont.

Natalie Nicole Davis driving w/ lic rev, 2nd or subseq, reg exp, financial responsibility, limitations on backing improper backing, f.t.a., cont.

Destiny Joy Edwards unlawful use of telecom device while driving, cont.

Marcus Edwards: sched VI drugs: mfg, del, sell, poss, poss unlawful drug paraph uses and activities, x app.

Brian Gurchinoff dom asslt, no violent contact order issued

Michael A Hicks illegal take/ possess/ destruct of wildlife, cont.

Antoine Rashad Holder speeding, driving school

Barry Scott Hughes reg exp, cont.

Charles F Jones speeding, cont.

Nacarius Jones driving w lic susp, tamp w/ evidence, reckless, endanger vehicle/felony, evade arrest flight vehicle, possess firearm intent to go armed dangerous felony, cont.

Anabella M Lopez speeding, driving w/o lic, cont.

Preston G Manly reg taxes for freight motor vehicles, cont.

Nicholas Martin speeding, d.n.a.

Hali L Merritt dom asslt, cont.

Mari Hanna Lee Newsom seatbelt 18+, cont.

Cynthis Denise Owens dom asslt, cont.

Marcus Antwon Perkins drivers to exercise due care, cont.

Paul S Philips reg exp, cont.

Ashleah Lauren Pickard child abuse/neglect/endangerment, show cause, cont.

Joshua C Pounders seatbelt 18+, $30 fine, cont.

Jacob C Presley sched II drugs: mfg, del, sell, poss, sched IV drugs: mfg, del, sell, financial responsibility law, drivers to exercise due care, cont.

Christopher Paul Rickert speeding, cont.

Derek J Robinson speeding, cont.

Denise D Sample seatbelt 18+, cont.

Dennis G Scobey seatbelt 18+, cont.

Tylia M Selfie driving w/ lic susp, speeding, cont.

Roy A Tyler simple poss/casual exchange, poss unlaw drug paraph uses and activities, meth mfg, del, sell, poss w/ intent, cont.

Roy Anthony Tyler probation violation, cont.

Andrew Vickers dom asslt, cont.

Larnell White driving w/ lic rev, speeding, cont.

Randy O Wilson speeding, cont.

April 26

Yahya Al-Manari Manalabdo speeding, driving school

Christopher Kade Butler dui 1st offense, implied consent misd, drivers to exercise due care, cont.

Mario Edwards seat belt 18+, second or subsequent, paid

Tara Nikeesha Fisher speeding, $25.00 fine+cost, cont.

Christopher Lynn Fitzhugh f.t.a. cont.

Christopher Lynn Fitzhugh driving w/ susp lic, speeding, driving unreg vehicle on highway, cont.

Billy H Garrison seat belt 18+, unlawful use of telecom device while driving, d.n.a.

Gustavo G Gonzalez logbook no record of duty status, violation of parking regulations, paid

Amy Dean Hancock speeding, paid

John Curry Haydon speeding, paid

Justin A Hill unlawful use of telecom device while driving, $25.00 fine+cost, cont.

Michael Horton dom asslt, interference w/ emergency calls, pay cost, cont.

David Brian Hughes speeding, d.n.a.

Kenneth Ryan Jobe seat belt 18+, paid

John D Pruett Jr. drivers to exercise due care, paid

Cody Thomas Lineberry dui 4th, implied consent, cont.

Jonathan M McCaslin driving on susp lic, speeding, financial responsibility law, f.t.a. misdemeanor, f.t.a. misdemeanor, f.t.a.

Mackenzie Grace Moody criminal trespass, 30 days susp, restrain from property, $480.00 restitution, westate prob.

Keashun Moses simp poss/casual exchange (marj oz or 14.175 grams), cont.

Johnisha Lashay Nelson f.t.a., 10 days susp dismissed

Johnisha Lashay Nelson driving w/ susp lic, dismissed, speeding, driving school

Courtney Nichols speeding, driving school

Mark A ONeal speeding, $25.00 fine+cost

Dakota Braxton Prater speeding, paid

Leslie Tramell Ramsey speeding, paid

Stephanie Nicole Sipes speeding, cont.

Caleb B Spiars speeding, paid

David Shane Thurmon seat belt 18+, paid

Parker Joshua Townsend speeding, cont.

Angela Wilcox Yates reckless endangerment vehicle/felony, dom asslt, cont.