On the Record

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Dyer County General Sessions

Jan. 6

Solomon Akins Jr – simple poss/ casual exchange (marij ½ oz or 14.175 grams), tamp w/ evidence, driving w/ lic susp, cont, prelim

Corissa L Avery – speeding, $25 fine+cost

Emiloano Trinidad Bantista – dui 1st , driving w/ lic susp, drivers to exercise due care, cont

Brandon Barret – dom asslt, cont

Christia Batey – allow dogs to run at large, property damage, cont

David Beasley – aggr asslt dom, interference w/ emergency calls, jail docket

Idalia Favela Beshires – driving w lic rev, speeding, show cause, cont

Gail Ann Bivens – speeding, paid

James F Claybrook – speeding, seatbelt 18+, financial responsibility law, vehicle reg improper use, show cause, cont

Christopher Criswell – driving w/ lic rev, fta, cont

Wesley T Evans – dom asslt, cont

James Finch Jr – speeding, driving w/o lic, cont

Leah Garrett – compulsory school attendance penalty, cont

Tammy Ranee Garrett – dui 1st, drivers to exercise due care, cont

Austin Lee Gladden – aggr burglary, cont

De’Anthony T Gulley – speeding, driving w/o lic, cont

Brian Gruchinoff – dom asslt, cont

Larry Timothy Hearod – dom asslt, cont

Darius D Henderson – driving w/ lic susp 2nd or sub, speeding, reg exp, financial responsibility law

Bryan Eric Johnson – meth mfg, del, sell, poss w/ intent, tamp w/ evidence, poss unlaw drug paraphernalia attempt, driving w/ lic rev

Jermiah L Johnson – driving w/ lic susp, speeding, amend to dl on person pay cost, cont

Ronald Allen Johnson – improper passing (no passing zone), $25 fine+cost, cont

Justin A Kimbrell – violate order of protect/restraining order, jail docket

Emma Ann Larue – disorder conduct, jail docket

Steven Lawhon – dom asslt, dismissed w/ cost

Johnny L Mckinnie – dui 1st, 11/29 susp 48 hrs, $350 ine+cost, 1 yr lic rev dui school, cont

Brian Keith McNeely – driving w/ lic rev 2nd or sub, speeding, cont

Donald C Miller – asslt bodily injury, dismissed w/ cost

Shannon L Norton – speeding, cont

Michael Orman – criminal trespass, cont

Sean Tyler Phillips – speeding, $50 fine+cost

Ralph Scotty Reeves – public intox, cont

L Redden – cont

Cody L Sims – theft of property $1,000 to $2,500, aggr burglary, jail docket

Sara Ann Vaughn – sale of alcohol to a minor, $100 fien+cost, paid

Megan B White – driving w/ lic rev, speeding, cont

Megan B White – dui 2nd, driving w/ lic susp, 2nd or sub, simple poss/ casual exc, drivers to exercise due care, cont

Lori L Williams – allow dogs to run at large, fta, cont

Lori L Williams – allow dogs to run at large, cont

Harvey Cornelious Wilson – driving w/ lic susp, 2nd or sub, follow too closely, cont